Paragraph on Save Earth

The term “Save Earth” is used to make people more aware of the earth and take the necessary steps to save it. Human activities are regularly damaging the earth and its environment, compromising the safety of all living species.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Save Earth

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

‘Save Earth’ is used to spread awareness about saving the earth and putting in the required effort to do so. It is about making people alert about the harms we do to Mother Nature and how to avoid it. It is important for us to save the earth so that our future generation can live and prosper.

The need for saving the earth has arisen due to the damage human activities do to the environment and to the mother earth as a whole. Uncontrolled commercial activities damage the environment by polluting it, thereby degrading the quality of the earth. If things continue like this, then the earth will soon become unlivable.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Earth along with resources is very essential for life. Without earth and her valuable resources, we wouldn’t be able to survive. Without earth’s resources like water, sunlight, air, vegetation, etc it would be impossible to live for a single day.  These resources that we get from the earth are limited. Sadly, we don’t realize their value.

We are continuously damaging the environment and its valuable resources due to our quest for progress geographically and commercially. Forests are being cut; industries are established, doing considerable damage to the environment. All such activities of humans have caused immense damage to the earth and reduced their resources. If we continue damaging the earth, it would be difficult to survive.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that humans have severely degraded the environment and damaged the earth. Their greed for wealth accumulation and expanding geographical boundaries has made humans the most formidable opponent of nature. We are damaging the environment without even realizing it. Earth is the only planet that we have to survive on. There is no other planet that we can move on in case Earth becomes unlivable.

It is the right time for us to take action for saving the earth from the damages we do. Unless we do it, it would be difficult for our future generation to survive. Lives of all the inhabitants of the earth – animals, plants, birds, reptiles, etc depend on the actions humans take to keep earth safe. Reducing pollution, not using plastic and planting trees will definitely be a good step to save the earth.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

“Save Earth” is a popular phrase that has been used from time to time to make people more aware of the destruction they do to the planet. We often call earth as “mother earth”, but are we really giving her the same respect as she deserves. Earth not only sustains humans but also millions of other species including plants, mammals, reptiles, insects, etc.

It has enough resources to keep all of them living and thriving for millions of years. But, the earth would only be able to do so if we make an effort to protect its original form and keep it safe.

Earth has resources vital for our survival. It has on ground and underground freshwater reserves which are vital to meet our everyday requirement of water. Air is another important resource provided to us by our planet. Without air and its oxygen, we would barely survive for two to three minutes.

Sadly, humans are making these vital resources contaminated, rendering them useless or harmful to use. Unless we take necessary action to eradicate pollution and save the earth, we would be making surviving difficult for us as well as for our future generations.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Earth is our home and we have the responsibility of keeping it safe and clean as we do to our home. Earth gives life as well as it sustains it, like a mother, that’s why it’s often referred to as “mother nature’. Earth gives all living species, food and other necessary supplements to survive. With the industrial revolution that started in the 19th century, severe damages are being caused to mother earth.

There is pollution everywhere – water bodies, air, land, soil everything is polluted today. The more damage we do to the earth, the more we are reducing our chances of survival. Since we are the ones causing damage to the earth and putting lives in danger, we must take responsibility for our actions and take steps to save the earth.

The first step towards saving the earth is reducing pollution and its effects. Pollution does more damage to the earth than any other human activity. Pollution is caused by industrialization, use of fossil fuel, improper waste disposal and other similar activities. There is a need for stringent policy measures to be in place to check pollution. We must also avoid using plastic in any of its forms.

Plastic is very harmful to the environment and pollutes natural resources in a way no other material could ever do. Efficient waste disposal is another method to deal with pollution and save the earth from possible damage. Tons of waste is generated in our houses, hotels, offices and other places, which in the absence of an efficient system, finds its way into our natural resources.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How old is earth?

Ans. Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

Q2. Why do we need to save the earth?

Ans. Due to different factors, Earth is ailing and we don’t have any other planet to live.

Q3. How much part of the earth is covered with water?

Ans. 71% part of the earth is covered with water.

Q4. When is Earth Day celebrated?

Ans. It is celebrated on 22nd April.