Paragraph on Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive Pollution is caused by the exposure of radioactive waste into the environment. Man-made activities and some natural elements are the reason behind radioactive pollution. For a better understanding of readers, we have elaborated on the radioactive pollution in paragraphs mentioned below. Kindly consider it as per your needs.

Short and Long Paragraph on Radioactive Pollution

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Radioactive Pollution is the contamination of radioactive pollutants into the environment. These pollutants not only degrade the quality of our nature but their presence is harmful to all the living organisms.

Bombardment, nuclear fission, isotopes, Radiation waves from electronic gadgets, etc. are the reason behind radioactive pollution. Exposure of these hazardous substances to the elements of nature degrades their quality. Soil, water, and air are losing their purity due to radioactive elements.

Radioactive elements are boon and bane both for society. In general, radioactive pollution understood as the pollution caused by a nuclear reaction, nuclear testing or nuclear bombardment. But there are many other sources of radioactive pollution.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Radioactive pollution is created by the radiation of gamma and beta rays exposed in our environment. Sadly, due to some human activities environment is getting depleted. There are various radioactive and radiation emitters present in our environment naturally and in waste form. Due to contamination of these elements into air, water and soil humans and the environment is getting exposed to perils.

Types of Radioactive Elements

  • Caesium: Caesium is a chemical substance and it is naturally found in the environment and it is the main source of nuclear weapons.
  • Strontium: Strontium is a highly reactive chemical substance and it is used in nuclear weapons, testing, and fission process.
  • Plutonium: Plutonium is a vigorous radioactive element harmful to nature and living organisms.

Uranium, chromium, cobalt, calcium, iodine, krypton, nickel, radon, tritium, thorium, potassium are some other radioactive elements.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

The pollution caused by the nuclei of radioactive atoms is called radioactive pollution. In continuation with the above paragraph, here are some causes of radioactive pollution:

  • The Explosion of radioactive bombardments
  • Mining
  • Nuclear Test
  • Accidental leakage of radioactive elements
  • Radiation emitting pollutants
  • The Smoke produced by the explosion of mines
  • Poisonous Chemicals released by the radioactive wastes
  • Ionized fuel rods wastes
  • Isotopes released nuclear wastes
  • Wastes released from the nuclear weapons and nuclear power plant
  • Nuclear testing labs waste considered as highly reactive

Nuclear pollution is hazardous for all living organisms. Their exposure in our environment can cause several serious health and environmental problems. Some portion of the airborne pollution consists of radioactive wastes. Toxicity and temperature of atmosphere sometimes increased due to exposure of fine particles of nuclei based pollution. In Japan, some cities have faced nuclear-based destruction.

Paragraph 4 – 200 words

Pollution introduced by radioactive alpha, beta and gamma rays termed as radioactive pollution. They are highly infectious for all living organisms and nature.

Effects of Radioactive Pollution

  • Infertility of soil: Due to the exposure of radioactive wastes into the soil, the quality of the soil decreases. So, this is one of the major reasons for infertile soil for agriculture purposes.
  • Water Impurity: Releasing radioactive wastes into water bodies can pollute the water level.
  • Genetic Mutation: Radioactive pollution is harmful to health. They can cause genital mutation.
  • Unripe fruits: The toxicity of radioactive pollutants affects fruits and usually it is found that they remain unripe.
  • Health: There are various adverse effects caused by radioactive pollution on health. Skin irritation, respiratory diseases, blurry vision, etc. are some of them.
  • Cancer: Radiation produced by radioactive wastes is cancerous. Direct exposure to these rays can cause cancer.
  • Sudden Rise in the Temperature: The nuclear explosion can cause a sudden rise in the temperature due to the intensity of the smoke produced by them.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombardment

In the Second World War, America threw Nuclear Bombs on Japan’s cities. These two cities namely Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely destroyed. The mushroom cloud (smoke produced by the bombardment) was seen from several miles away. More than a thousand lives were demised. It is said that from the date of bombardment till today newborn are facing genetic mutation.

Paragraph 3 – 250 words

Radioactive pollution is caused by radioactive wastes. When radioactive garbage is not treated properly, they came into contact with the environment. Now we are going to explain the preventive measures of radioactive pollution:

Disposal of radioactive wastage: Proper treatment of radioactive scraps and wastes is necessary. Industries have to keep open their eyes to the disposal of radioactive wastes. Radioactive user industries should appoint a specific unit for keeping an eye on the waste treatment.

Prohibition on the nuclear test: On a global level, nuclear tests should be banned. The nuclear test produces various harmful chemicals for the environment. So, their prohibition can reduce the toxicity of radioactive elements submerged in our atmosphere.

Specifying the Radioactive elements present in any product: It is highly recommended to industries. If they label their products by highlighting the radioactive elements present in it. It will act as a protective gear for their further use.

Renew and Reuse: Reusing the scraps of the radioactive elements can be the best option. Renewing will also reduce the chances of wasting.

Keeping Radioactive Elements Safe: Proper storage of radioactive substances will reduce the chances of accidental leakage.

Shifting to other Sources of Energy: Nuclear energy is useful and harmful both. In order to reduce damages of nuclear energy, focusing on the benefits of other sources of energy is feasible. Solar energy, hydro-energy, wind-energy, etc. are some of the sources of energy.

Setup of the Nuclear Power Station: Before setting up the Nuclear Power Station, it is necessary to have a quick survey on the social life dwelling there.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is radioactive pollution?

Ans. A pollution which causes radiation and affects health is called radioactive pollution.

Q2. Which was a biggest radioactive disaster in history?

Ans. Chernobyl was the biggest natural disaster in history.

Q3. Who discovered radioactivity?

Ans. Becquerel discovered radioactivity.

Q4. What are some effects of radioactive pollution?

Ans. Radioactive pollution can cause skin burns, brain problems and disabilities.