Paragraph on Newspaper

Newspaper is a printed informative piece of paper, useful in our daily life. The texts of the newspaper are printed in black ink on a white/off white background. For the help of students, we have created some important paragraphs reflecting the key features of the newspaper.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Newspaper

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

A newspaper is one of the important sources of Mass Media. It contains information important for society. It has various columns including national news, political news, local news, crime-based news, entertainment news, editorial columns, etc. A newspaper is part of the daily routine. It connects the world by the mean of a bunch of printed papers.

It contains not only national level news, but it also contains world level information. In the world of Internet, Newspaper has its own place. People have a habit of reading the newspaper early in the morning. From the hustle-bustle of life, it is often seen that people crave for reading the newspaper at least once in a day.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

A newspaper is the source of information in this fast-moving world. It published on a daily, weekly or sometimes monthly basis. It contains pages depicting the data about local, national and world information. Newspapers are printed almost in every language. In India, Newspapers are printed in Hindi, English, and Urdu and various regional languages.

An average paper consists of a minimum of 500 words for an article. The average Page limit varies from 20 to 25 pages. Black ink is used for printing a paper. Generally, newspapers are printed on a white, grey or off-white background. Pictorial representation of newspapers is colorful. Newspapers are helpful for every age group as it contains advertisements regarding employment, real estates, matrimony and for students, it contains various educational columns.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

There is saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”, Newspaper is the best example of it. Various Famous journalists raise their voices against national and international issues via publishing their articles in newspapers.

The word Newspaper is taken from the Latin word “Papyrus” it refers to the paper. A newspaper is the source of employment for worldwide people. It comprises of Business, Sports, Food and Health and other informative columns. Newspapers these days are getting more and more advanced as they are carrying information about the event, live streaming news about famous web-based portals, etc.

It is the greatest weapon of print media by the portrayal of selective words on sheets of paper. Local, Regional, National and International events and happenings are covered in newspapers. News related to mythological and religious beliefs is also covered by the newspaper. In short, a Newspaper can be said as “A tasteful set of papers carrying greatest knowledge and current events.” The Newspaper keeps us updated from the events going around in the world.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

A newspaper is the gift of print media to all humans. For travel-freaks newspapers is helpful by publishing travel and tourism columns. Various columns like missing reports sometimes help people for finding their lost dear ones. A newspaper also covers obituaries columns for paying respect to demise. There is a number of columns in a single newspaper. News is beneficial for all of us. Developing the habit of reading newspaper on daily basis can develop the intellectual side of all.

Like other tools of Mass, Media Newspaper is also carrying a historical approach. In Han-Sang Dynasty, China’s first form of Newspaper (called Dibao) was founded. The Newspaper was in written/calligraphy form at that time and it was used for official purposes only.

After various reforms in the techniques of publishing newspapers, Britain and America invented mass production of newspapers. In the 17th Century in Britain, the rise of the printing press (Guttenberg) introduced the first set of sheets of newspaper.

The German Newspaper by Johann Carolus is said to be the first newspaper in world history. In India, Bengal Gazette is the first news published in the colonial period. The newspaper we read today is carrying a journey of various dynasties.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

In the world of the Internet, Newspaper has their own importance. This is the reason why various apps are available on the play store based on newspapers. These days’ newspaper publication agencies have also developed an application or website for reaching users easily around the globe.

A newspaper is the basis of learning in every field. Current affairs, General Knowledge can be gained by considering newspapers informative articles on a daily basis. Dainik Jagran, Hindustan, Amar Ujala are some of the Indian Hindi Language Newspapers. There are various popular English Newspapers that are also published in India. The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Times of India are some of them. There are various job options are created by newspapers. Editors, Content Writers, etc. are growing from the print media.

There is a saying that Morning tea is incomplete without a Newspaper. In order to get updated with the current happening of the world, the habit of reading the newspaper in the morning is quite common. In India generally, people denote Newspapers as “Paper”. There are various puzzles, riddles are also covered in Newspaper. Children use to enjoy these puzzles.

There is a certain code of conduct made by the government for newspaper publishers. Like copyright, editorial norms. Publishers always keep in mind while printing the newspaper. The newspaper we get early in the morning. It is published by the overnight efforts of our print media. Print Media is said as one of the dedicated professions around the globe. The collective pieces of information published in the newspaper are gained by covering the events by journalists. It is the efforts of the print media team for benefitting the world with the newspaper.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which was the first newspaper of India?

Ans. The first newspaper of India was Bengal Gazette.

Q2. How many people read newspaper in India?

Ans. Around 400 million people read newspaper daily in India.

Q3. What was the name of first Hindi newspaper in India?

Ans. Udant Martand was the first Hindi newspaper of India.

Q4. Name the newspapers published by Mahatma Gandhi?

Ans. Navjivan, Young India and Harijan were the newspapers published by Mahatma Gandhi.