Paragraph on Good Manners

Good manners are the reflection of the values we grabbed. Good manners are considered as gestures of our behaviour. For the complete understanding of readers, here we have prepared some paragraphs describing the meaning, need and importance of Good Manners.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Good Manners

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Good Manners are the good habits that carve human personality into a social and gentle human being. Good Manners makes a person sensible, polite and kind with others. There are certain greeting and words in daily use that are counted as manners. Good manners are not limited in gestures and greeting but it also tells the ways to behave with others.

Good manners are inbuilt habits in humans. Good manners are the first lesson for a child in his life. From home, children are trained to behave in a good manner. For some people, good manners are considered as Thank You! Attitude only. But a Good manner tells us the ethical, moral and including gratitude in one’s behaviour.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Good manners teach us how to behave with others. It is the base of relations we maintain in the outer world. For every stage of life, manner plays an important role. Manner says that be thankful for others, respect others, be kind to animals, etc. Our day-to-day routine involves various small activities that are treated as manner.

Punctuality, Discipline, The way of conversation, words we chose while explaining something to others, etc are counted under good manners. The way we represent ourselves, cleanliness and personal hygiene is also part of good manners. It implies that Not only words we use to greet are called manner but our way of living life is somehow connected with good manners. Good manners are an integral part of our life.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

The regular practice of manners which are helpful in developing one’s personality called good manners. There are various natural attributes of human behaviour. Like some say that anger, aggression, jealousy is the negative human tendency. Good manners are acts as a weapon for reducing human behaviour.

In order to be a kind-hearted and generous person, good manners are necessary. This is the reason why in schools we have earned moral Science. Moral Science is also a part of good manners. There is a specific branch in sociology called Behavioural Theory. It depicts human behaviour and the factors affecting human nature.

Good manners are counted as one of the energy-boosting reasons in humans. If we behave in a polite manner to others then in return we will be treated as same. But, it doesn’t mean that we stop the habit of behaving well with others.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Good manners and etiquettes are related which one another. Etiquettes mean the rules which traditionally taken for a civilised human being and manners are the eternal quality to follow these rules. There are various ethical values and norms for a civilised society. The basic factor that makes a human part of civil society is his/her manners. Good manners are a lesson to read, a way of life to follow.

Good manners give a sense of positivity and happiness. If we behave well then, of course, a sense of calmness and satisfaction we can feel. In a broader perspective, Good manners can be defined as a natural way of life that says to be kind to others. Simple gestures like welcoming someone with a big smile, thanking someone with a small gift token are part of good manners.

Good manners say that be respectful to our elders and be respectful to old-age people. In bus or in any public transport giving seats to old age people by sacrificing our seat shows our values which we got in from our home, schools. There are many ways to express our mannered behaviour in general life. There are various classes and institutes running for teaching us a positive way of life full of good manners.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

There are various proverbs based upon the lessons of good manners. “Honesty is the Best Policy” is among one of them. It says that Honesty is the greatest asset of a human. Honesty is also one of the manners that make a man mannered human being. An ethical society involves thee persons living a life based on some fixed ethics. These ethics are also termed as manners. Good Manners are important for finishing the social malpractices that are polluting our social environment.

Good manners start from a family, society and the places where human interactions are made. Good manners are indefinite. It says that be kind to your parents, siblings, friends, teachers and even strangers on the road. There are various ethics in general life called manners. Table Manners are one of them. It teaches some set of rules while having meals on the dining table.

Good Manners are teachers for a growing child, for a human for living in the outer world and in his/her home too. Good manners are the basis of personality. There is a famous saying that “Your Degree is just a piece of paper, but it’s your behaviour that makes you a human”.

In this statement, behaviour refers to the manners a human is carrying towards others. In Indian history ideologies by M.K. Gandhi strongly supports the definition of Good Manners. Parents are always conscious to teach the value of manners to their kids. The cultivation of good manners is the essence of human personality.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why we need to posses good manners?

Ans. Good Manners reflect our good personality and leaves a gentle impact on others.

Q2. How can we show good manners?

Ans. We can show good manners by following punctuality, discipline and confidence.

Q3. Which subject in school teaches good manners?

Ans. Moral Science in school teaches good manners.