Paragraph on Nature

Nature is the reason behind all lives dwelling on the earth. It is the blessing of invisible power for all living organisms. In a broader sense nature is all physical and abiotic factors of the environment. For the help of readers we have prepared some essential paragraphs on nature, kindly go through it.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Nature

Paragraph 1 – 100 word

Nature is the gift of mother earth to all humankind and other living organisms. It constitutes Greenery, Soil, Air, Water and all physical factors that are the pillars of lives living here. Nature is also called a human attribute in behavioral terminology. The natural environment which is in physical form is called nature.

Forests, Water reservoirs, mountains, Deserts all together called nature. Nature exists before the origin of humankind on earth. It has encountered various changes for the development of an entity of humankind. Nature is nurturing all living organisms for years. Sadly, humans are not recognizing the giver attribute of nature.

Paragraph 2 – 120 words

Nature is the best remedy for all problems over the word. Nature is an inspirational figure for various writers, novelists. We often heard that spending time in nature can freshen up our mind and body. Nature is the reason for living entities are surviving on earth. Nature is beneficial in all ways.

The green forests, mountains, glaciers, are the striking scenic beauties of nature. On vacations, people move to a hilly, beach or desert place. Because being with nature freshen up minds from the chaos of the world.

Nature has also emotions. But humans don’t understand it. With the burden of a growing population, nature is degrading its quality. Population means more and more numbers of concrete buildings and it results in cutting down forests.

Paragraph 3 – 150 words

Nature is boon to humankind. Nature consists of various natural resources i.e. Sunrays, air, water, soil, etc. which are necessary for humankind. There are various biotic and abiotic factors that together called nature. Biotic factors consist of forests and animals and abiotic factors are physical elements.

All those elements which are naturally found on earth and which are untouched by human activities are classified as natural resources. Fossils, Metals, Natural crude oil, etc. which are helpful for the world are also part of natural resources.

Nature is essential for the survival of humankind. Bio-diversity is an integral part of the natural system. Nature feeds several terrestrial and aquatic creatures. Preservation of natural resources is crucial for all humans.

Forest, sunrays, mountains all are important. Every element is carrying a special geological fact. What if there were no stones and pebbles? Then the fire was not invented. Yes, it is true natural elements are the root cause for developing a civilization.

Paragraph 4 – 200 words

Nature is beautiful, nature is vast to define. In various religious rituals, nature is worshipped. The natural elements present naturally on earth are the main source of life. All elements are interrelated with each other. There is no substitute for natural elements. In the fast-growing world, humans process natural elements for their use. But the rawness and originality only come from nature.

Nature is affected by human activities and thus nature is losing its quality. Air Pollution and Water Pollution are the main sources of nature’s depletion. The single fully grown tree produces oxygen sufficient enough for ten people.

So, definitely, the amount of oxygen released by forest is sufficient for a city or town. Nature is a medicine; nature is the base of various industries. However, it is said that nature is a giver but is also a taker. It means that natural calamities like earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods, cyclones. These disasters occurred naturally and it causes serious destruction.

Sunrays and fresh air are a blessing for our health. Various positive effects we can draw from nature on our bodies. People prefer natural places for their rehabilitation and vacations. In the United States, people prefer to raise their children in the countryside. Their main motive is to introduce their children to natural beauty.

Paragraph 5 – 250 words

Nature is important for all of us. It is the reason why life is there on earth. There are various species in nature. Nature created a balance for animals, microbes, coral reefs, and other living organisms. There is a specific branch in Science for studying the natural environment. In Geological aspects, nature is as deep as we can think. Every element says a different history. The sun, the moon depicts the beauty of nature.

Various creations by William Wordsworth and Robert Frost are inspired by nature. We often heard that it is a natural human tendency to react. In sociology, the genetic trait of an organism is defined as naturally drawn traits. Nature is rich in resources. The right way of using resources helps in maintaining ecological balance. Naturally, there are various terrestrial and aquatic animals that are termed natural scavengers. Nature has given us options for utilizing it in the best way.

We hear bombardments during the attack. It is sad, that some humans are using weapons made from natural elements for their selfish use. There is a special treatment in Yoga, Ayurveda that recommends us to be in nature. Naturopathy is also a branch of medicine. We always encourage being in contact with nature. In school and college-level various awareness campaigns are organized annually for environment and nature preservation.

In a recent survey, it is found that glaciers are melting and this is the reason behind the sudden rise in ocean waters. This serious issue is caused by global warming. What if there will be no forests? No Water? Earth will be all barren and Forest Life will roam in human society. What about humans? The time has come to protect our Mother Nature from losing its glory and natural charm.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should we take care of nature?

Ans. We should take care of nature to protect plants and animals.

Q2.What comprises nature?

Ans. Nature comprises Soil, Air, Water, and physical factors that support life.

Q3. How nature is degrading?

Ans. Nature is degrading because of global warming, pollution and carbon emission.

Q4. What are the two factors of nature?

Ans. Abiotic and Biotic factors are part of nature.