Paragraph on Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is an auspicious occasion for all Sikh communities. Annually it is celebrated in the month of January. To know more about this pious festival, we have created some of the well-worded paragraphs in the section mentioned below. Kindly read it.

Short and Paragraphs on Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is one of the most sacred festivals of the Sikh community. It is commemorated for marking the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikh Community. He was born in Patna, Bihar on 22nd December 1666 as per Julian calendar.

However, as per the Gregorian calendar, He was born on 1st January 1667. On the eve of this event, Sikh Community prays to Gurudwara and performs Sewa rituals. He was the last Sikh Guru and became Sikh Guru at the age of nine, after the demise of his father. His father, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji was the ninth Sikh Guru.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is one of the most pious festivals of Sikhism. People across the nation celebrate it with great enthusiasm and joy. It is also known as Prakash Parv. Devotees from across nation assemble at Golden Temple, Amritsar from early morning, and pay tribute to Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Being the most significant festival for Sikhism, people take part in the procession and perform rituals at home as well as in the Gurudwara. On this day, Guru Gobind Singh is reminded of his contributions to the Sikh Community; he was the one who introduces the tradition of wearing a turban to cover the hair for the Sikh community. He was a great warrior and healer. He was a great poet and philosopher of his time. His preaching and teachings guided many people.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is one of the most revered festivals of the Sikh Community. Across the nation, the glimpses of celebration are seen. Let’s have a look on the sequence of events that are observed on the eve of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti:

Procession: On the eve of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, the Sikh community comes out with a large procession. Devotees religiously join the procession or Prabhat Pheris and cherish the event.

Food Distribution: On the eve of Jayanti, people prepare sweets and soft drinks and distribute them among the children and the general public. Bhandara events are also organized by the Sikh community for poor and needy ones.

Special Gatherings at Gurudwara: On this day, devotees assemble at Gurudwara and join the special prayers. Devotional songs are sung by the devotees.

On the occasion of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, Historical Granths of the Sikh community are recited at Gurudwaras. Kadah Prashad and other dishes are also cooked on the eve.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is celebrated in the month of January annually. The annual celebration of this event is based on the Nanakshahi Calendar. He, the last Sikh Guru, was born in Bihar. He succeeded his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur who was the ninth Sikh Guru. It is considered as a restricted holiday, many government and private institutions remain close on the eve of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti.

He was a social healer as he was always against the Caste-Discrimination. Also, all through his life, he was against the Mughal rulers. In the year 1669, he converted five beloved men, from the lower caste community, into Sikh. He endowed them with great enthusiasm and courage. The Khalsa moral practice was inspired by his guidance and spiritual path.

The spiritual ethics of the Khalsa community is based on the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh. Apart from being a spiritual and social healer, he was a writer, his contribution to the world of literature is remarkable. He declared Guru Granth Sahib as the Spiritual Literature for the Sikh Community. Due to his dedication and devotion, the base of the Khalsa Warriors’ community was established.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is one of the famous festivals of the Sikh Community. It is commemorated in the memory of Sikh’s last Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He was born in Patna to father Guru Tegh Bahadur and mother Mata Guru Ji. His father was a spiritual healer, leader, and writer. He dedicated his life to the battles against Mughal emperors.

Sadly, he was killed by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb for refusing Islam. His famous book “Chandi Da Var” was one of the best books of the time. The message of victory of good over bad was the morale of the book. He was the founder of Sikh Warrior Community Khalsa.

The holy Gurudwara Patna Sahib is flooded with devotees on the eve of this festival. The procession is carried out by the devotees, they display the holy text of the Sikh on the Palki. The five strict disciplines of the Khalsa community were stated by the Guru Gobind Singh, so Khalsa Community pays tribute to Guru Gobind Singh Ji on the eve of his Jayanti.

“Akhand Paath” is also organized by the Gurudwara organization. Devotees religiously join the Paath in order to find themselves blessed. The life stories and the teachings of Guru Ji are an inspiration for the whole Sikh community. They worship and follow his sayings. The Patna Sahib gets decorated with flowers and lamps on the eve of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What marks Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti?

Ans. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti marks the birthday of Gobind Singh who was a guru of Sikhs.

Q2. When was Guru Gobind Singh ji born?

Ans. Guru Gobind Singh was born on 22nd December 1666.

Q3. Which guru was Gobind Singh?

Ans. Guru Gobind Singh was the last Guru of Sikhs.

Q4. How long Guru Gobind Singh was the Guru of Sikhs?

Ans. Guru Gobind Singh remained Guru for 32 years.