Armed Forces Flag Day

Armed Forces Flag Day is an annual event to be observed in India. It falls on the 7th of December every year which the nation observes with pomp. It is one of the few very important annual events in India. It is such a great event that is associated with the armed forces of India. By celebrating Armed Forces Flag Day, the nation tries to bring the official and personal lives of soldiers to the ease.

The Armed Forces Flag Day has been celebrated long back in the history of India, although much enthusiasm has been seen among the citizens of the nation for the past few years.

Armed Forces Flag Day 2020

The Armed Forces Flag Day in the year 2020 is going to fall on Saturday, 7th December. The celebration of the event this year is going to be very special as the Armed Forces of India have successfully conducted many major operations in the past few years. The nation will reward them for sure, but their methods may be different.

Until a few years ago, the citizens of India used to be busier in their personal life, being unaware of the movement on the borders. But it has become possible due to the enhanced knowledge and technology that every citizen of India has information about every activity on the border of the country. It has increased the love and respect of the people for the soldiers of the nation. In such a favourable situation, it can be hoped that this year’s celebrations will be more special than the previous years.


The Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated every year in India so that the citizens of the country can be aware of the lifestyle and hardships of the soldiers standing on the borders and protecting their motherland.

On 28 August 1949, the Ministry of Defence first decided that December 7 in India would be celebrated every year as Armed Forces Flag Day. This was done so that the people of India could voluntarily donate to the soldiers of the country as per their capabilities. It would help the government to purchase good equipment for the armed forces and provide financial assistance to the families of the martyrs.


Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated with great pomp in almost all parts of India. The day is celebrated as a festival by the three parts of the Indian Armed Forces as the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. They begin the celebration with a variety of cultural and traditional programs. The Armed Forces Flag Day unites the entire nation and stands them on a single platform of nationality, unity, and integrity.

The most important celebration of this day is the sale of small replicas of the Indian flag to the public by the Indian military institutions so that the money collected is used to strengthen the Armed Forces.

On this day, people are encouraged to donate to the Flag Day Fund through various media such as social media, print media, and electronic media. People are also given proper information about where to give donations and how to give. All the information related to this is communicated to the people so that they don’t face any hardship while donating money.

Objectives and Significance

Armed Forces Flag Day aims to show respect to the armed forces of the country by the people of India. It is a day to show solidarity to the brave soldiers who became martyrs by protecting their nation from the enemies, either out of the nation or inside it. These soldiers do not only protect the borders but also sacrifice their life in establishing peace by combating terrorists and extremists.

The collection of funds from the people of India is used for the welfare of the personnel of the Indian Armed Forces and rehabilitation of the families of the soldiers killed in the wars or the casualties. This amount is spent through the Sainik Welfare Board. Every citizen of the country should contribute to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund so that the flag of our country continues to touch the heights of the sky.

Funds raised on this day are compensated for the losses in the wars and financial assistance is provided to the families of the martyrs. The Armed Forces of India serve the country in different ways during both war and peace, so it becomes the duty of every citizen of the country to serve the soldiers of the country.

The Flag Day Fund

All the funds for the soldiers on Armed Forces Flag Day are donated in the Flag Day Fund. The Flag Day Fund was set up by the Ministry of Defence in 1949. It is the Kendriya Sainik Board which administers the Flag Day fund. The Minister of Defence is the head of the committee which manages the Flag Day fund, and he is assisted by the governors of the States and Union Territories of India.

How to Donate in Flag Day Fund?

It is worth to be known that any individual can donate in Flag Day Fund. The donated amount can be of his/her choice and is always free from income tax. There are three methods to donate in the fund for which one would need to visit its official website.

The donation in the Flag Day Fund can be made in three given ways: Demand Draft or Cheque, Online Payment, and Bank Transfer. The donor can get all the information related to the method he chose to donate in the fund. While using the cheque, the donor must ensure that the address is right.


We hope that we have given you almost all the information related to Armed Forces Flag Day in India. This is a day that gives us the opportunity to do something for the soldiers of our country. Remember, small and small cooperation also matters a lot. So let us pledge that this year on Armed Forces Flag Day, we will also make some donation in the Flag Day fund according to our time.