Essay on My Dream

We all dream and sometimes our dreams do not let us sleep in peace and they become our passions. Nothing could be more beautiful than a dream come true. Very few of us follow their dreams and those who do are always successful in life.

“Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” by Akira Kurosawa

Short and Long Essays on My Dream

Essay 1 – My Dream: Help Poor People


All of us have a dream and some of us follow it like our passion and some of us just wait for the right time. A Child’s life is full of imagination and sometimes they share and sometimes they do not and think themselves. Really, I also remember some of the fun events. Actually, when we are young, we don’t know much about the world, science, etc. We assume and think of our own and live in a world of imagination.

My Dream

My father is a Doctor and when I was young, I use to see him helping others. Apart from his people also used to visit home for greeting and thanking him. I use to feel very proud of my father even today I feel the same. In the COVID-19 pandemic, he is working continuously to save people.

Although there are many professions, I want to opt for this profession to help people and also want to start an NGO. So, the poor can also get all medical facilities, nowadays medication is so costly that many of us unable to avail of it especially the poor.

You can earn money but you cannot give life to someone, if you have the ability then it is one of the best professions. So, I want to learn this ability and help people and this is my dream and one day I will definitely be successful.

When you help others there is a special kind of satisfaction which cannot be expressed in words and I love doing something that makes me happy.


We are all in the same race for a good job and a good future, but there are very few who want to do something for the society and are filled with a sense of gratitude. We eat what we like, we buy clothes that we like similarly, my dream is to help others as a living savior and it is becoming a doctor.

Essay 2 – My Dream: To Make a New India


We are not born with a passion; we gradually come to know our likes and dislikes. Likewise, we just need an idea or an idea that helps us decide our profession. For me, it was a dream in which Mr. Gandhi came to me and told a story while addressing the nation. He told me that he wants to make a very good nation and also wants to have heaven on earth in our sweet nation.

A New India

Gandhiji was assassinated on 30 January 1948, but his dream of a beautiful India was not fulfilled. In my dream, he told me that he always wanted to create a nation where there is no violence. I want to contribute to the formation of a new India.

  • Safety

Where our sisters and wives can be safe and people can always be ready to help others. Apart from this, he also said that he wanted to make India clean and beautiful. He gave me many examples, which really encouraged me to raise my voice against all these things.

I know that I cannot make my country beautiful alone, but together we can make it possible. I want to develop a technology that helps girls protect themselves. Apart from technical assistance our schools and colleges should focus on self-defense courses instead of promoting dance classes.

  • Development

The villages are still backword and there is a lack of development. So, we should not neglect this factor because a developed India will only look beautiful. Development means developing all sectors to educate people, to keep their environment neat and clean, to throw garbage in dustbins, and to keep public paces clean.

  • Education

Although the government has started primary schools in the entire nation still there are many uneducated. A nation cannot develop only with a group of people; it will be called new and progressed when each and every person will be educated.

All I need is a good position, so I have decided to become the Prime Minister of the nation because it would require a lot of power to make these things possible. Gandhiji inspired me and now I really feel it my responsibility. We live in a nation that had been a slave for more than 100 years, yet we got freedom in this way, if we all fight together and take an oath to make India safe and beautiful then surely one day will come when our dreams come true.

I am really thankful to Gandhiji that he chose me for this purpose. He discussed many incidences and also told some of his brave stories to encourage me. Now it is my dream to make India the best place to live.


Gandhiji is the father of the nation and a father always wishes the best for his children. I really feel glad to have such a great personality in our history. The entire world was an admirer of Gandhiji and if he has chosen me for a purpose, I will never disappoint him.

Essay 3 – My Dream: To Make My Dream School


All of us look different, we think in a different way, we live and also perform the same activity in a different way. Similarly, we have our own carrier choices and dreams to fulfill in our life. I also have a dream and want to change the education system.

What is My Dream School?

I am a class 11 student and I feel studies boring, yes it does not sound good. Actually, I want to learn but I won’t get the proper material in our schools. My parents shifted me to many schools but near about all of them are the same in our country.

As a student I know what a child needs for good studies, I know what types of questions arise in our mind so, I want to make a perfect school for children.

School should be a fun place where we could be free to create new things. Learning should be assigned as per interest. It is not every student wants to be a poet so students should be free to choose their subjects and many other things.

You must have seen children crying badly while coming to school because they don’t like being here. If education is interesting, it will attract children and encourage them to stay in school for more hours.

Our schools and syllabus are very old. For example, we invented many things after the bulb, then why should our syllabus still be stuck on the bulb? Children love creating new things and drawing new ideas. They should be given practical knowledge first, and then once they are capable, they should be given historic or theoretical knowledge.

  • The Infrastructure

Most schools in India only show the length and breadth of their campus area, but the fact is what makes use of such a large campus. It is enough to have some basic facilities for the school. If anything matters, that is how creative your campus is.

Even now if you Google the best school, you will find a list of schools promoting your campus area. Nowadays education is nothing more than a business of earning money. Actually, it is not the size of a school that matters; if anything matters it is creativity and a new way of education.

  • Frequent Training

The world is changing day by day and every day new discoveries and innovations are titled, so there should be proper training for teachers at frequent intervals. Therefore, they can provide the best and latest knowledge and I believe it will definitely make a difference.

  • Practical Knowledge

As a student, I feel practical missing. I don’t think the physics lab with a galvanometer and ammeter is enough for me to perform my activities. There should be a separate laboratory for space works so that the student’s interest in space can practice something new there and students who love robots can do something new in the robotic lab. Although schools charge very high fees, they do not even provide these basic things.

  • My Choice

The very main thing is our choice. If I have set my goal to become an architect then why should I waste my time learning Hindi or English till my class 12. I understand that it is necessary to learn a language but once we are able, then why it is compulsory till 12. Students should be given enough chance and opportunity to develop themselves at the school level and choose their own subject.

All these things always inspire me to build a creative school for children, where they can enjoy their studies. It is not only my dream even my parents always encourage me to do what I love and I get good marks in my academics too. But I miss these things.


It is my dream to develop some of the best educational institutions and I will definitely pursue this plan someday. I remember a famous line by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam;

Dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when u don’t sleep before fulfilling them.”

It is my dream to make India the best education platform.