Essay on Leadership

It is a quality that makes a person unique and different. All of us have various qualities and leadership is one of those that can really bring name as well as fame to you. It is not everyone who can be a good leader because it needs lots of courage and patience. Find here some essays on leadership to have complete knowledge about leadership.

Short and Long Essays on Leadership

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Leadership


In a class, there is a child who can sing well whereas there is a child who is good at dancing. Some can speak well whereas some are good monitors. Different people have different qualities; if you want a singer to dance then it is not possible that he really can be as good as the other one. But there is something called practice which can help us in learning different skills.

What is Leadership?

It is just a simple word that carries lots of meaning. A person who leads a group of people is a leader. Sometimes this group increases unexpectedly. A true leader never hesitates and never takes his steps back from his responsibilities.

They live for others and also sometimes die for others. They face the problem and try to keep their people safe. They are common but it is their ideology that makes them great.

We also have a school leader as well as a class leader. It is their duty to maintain peace and harmony in both places. Children won’t listen to every child so; teachers make leaders or monitors to some decent children who are capable of dealing with the class.


All of us can be a leader and it is very good quality. It makes us bold and helps us to deal with our problems boldly. Either it is a school or your workplace a person with leadership qualities always wins and is liked by others.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – What Makes you a Good Leader?


It seems so simple when we see someone trying his fate as a leader. But is it really? Of course not, it is not so easy to be a leader, and not all of us choose this profession. Most of us follow the same traditional earning professions and choose to work under others. But there are some people who don’t want to follow the herd. Whatever profession they choose they develop themselves as leaders. A leader is a role model of society and will always think about others first.

Some Unique Qualities of a Leader

  • A leader should be a very good listener because a lot of people visit them to share their problems.
  • A leader should be really honest, they cannot do partiality or do some special favor to a particular person. They should take decisions honestly and this is one of the most important features of a good leader.
  • They should be aware of things going all around, what makes someone special or a leader? It is their knowledge as well as some extra leading qualities. They should always know what is going around them; either it is a current topic or new research. This helps them in many ways and it is the duty of a leader to be updated all the time.
  • Their language should be simple and should be easily understandable because it is possible that some of them could not understand them. So, a leader should always talk clearly and should have very good communication skills. Actually, it is their communication skill which makes them different. Adolf Hitler was a superb orator and this was the reason why people blindly believed him.
  • Leaders are one of the best motivators it does not matter what’s going on all around but if you listen to a leader, they can make to totally energetic. Actually, they can’t be suspicious or confused because they address a lot of people and generally, people blindly follow their leaders, so if a leader will not be motivated himself then how he can assure people for their good future.


All of us should follow our profession wholeheartedly either you are a leader or a doctor. All of our work for others, an engineer also works for building others’ homes. So, always enjoy your profession and if you have the above qualities you are also a leader and you don’t need people to prove yourself. These qualities will always help people in their life so, whatever you do just try to be a leader.

Essay 3 (600 Words) – Leadership is a Unique Quality


God has made different people with different capabilities, some of them are good speakers where some are good leaders and our history has witnessed thousands of leaders. Leadership is something very rare and it works at different levels. There are leaders who lead a nation, whereas there are people who lead a company, or a team. There is always a leader chosen in a group, a person who is capable of taking people together.

Who is a True Leader?

If you have the ability to manage a group of people then you are a leader. Many of us get confused when we have to deal with a lot of people because they don’t have that quality. Actually, it sounds simple but it is not that simple as it looks. Suppose there are 10 people in a group and someone likes yellow and the other likes black and all of you are working on a project. So, it is really very tough for the leader to choose one of them without any kind of disagreement in the group.

Leaders are also clever and a very good orator, these qualities help them to deal with their work easily. They have to satisfy everyone and also have to make sure that there is no interruption in the work.

It is amazing to be a leader and many of us dream to be a good leader. They work for the society and also for the sake of others. A true leader always wants to keep each and every person in his group happy.

Characteristics of a Leader

  • A leader should be brave and should be ready to deal with any problem for people. The live examples are some of our social workers like Malala Yusufzai, Kailash Satyarthi. They never thought about themselves and always worked for people.
  • True leaders are very kind and they talk politely and this is the reason behind their popularity. When we behave in a good way with others it automatically adds positivity to our attitude.
  • They are confident because when a leader will not be confident, how the entire public or his team will trust him. People blindly follow their leader so; they should always be confident.
  • A leader should always be filled with the feeling of gratitude, actually, a leader is nothing of his own. It is his team or people who make them their leader, so they should be always thankful to everyone and should always think for their betterment. Because it is a post that people give them and elect them as their leader.
  • They should be visionary and have some special thinking power. A team leader should have an idea about how his project will look once it is complete. If a leader is not capable of thinking about his dreams then how can he assure people. Not only a project leader, but other leaders should also be visionary.
  • A positive person is always admired everywhere and a leader should also be positive. When everything goes wrong, we get demoralized, and sometimes it badly affects us. But a leader should always be positive and encouraging. A very good example is our National Congress Party, although it met a very shameful defeat still their leaders never stopped and they were ready with the same enthusiasm for the next time.


A leader should be versatile and should be a practical person. They have lots of responsibilities but they never let people know their pressure and problem and have a pleasant smile on their faces. We should really learn from them.