Paragraph on Valentine’s Day

Each year on 14th February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day for expressing love towards our near-dear ones. In the memory of ‘Saint Valentine’, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. For a better understanding of readers, we have created some important paragraphs elaborating on the history, origin, celebration and other important facts about Valentine’s Day. Kindly go through it.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Valentine’s Day

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Valentine’s Day is said as the day for showing love, affection, and care towards our loved ones. It is universally accepted as the day for expressing love. On this day people exchange cards, gifts, flowers and other symbols for telling their feelings to their loved ones. On 14th February of every year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

Love is an eternal feeling and for celebrating this feeling Valentine’s Day is made. The spring season falls in the month of February; it brings joy to every face. The mixture of fresh spring breeze with love refills the joy of celebrating Valentine’s Day with zeal. In the contemporary world, the week before the 14th of February is called ‘Valentine’s Week’.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Valentine’s Day is the joy of conveying love and affection to lovers and all our near-dear ones. In the 3rd Century in Rome, there was a catholic saint named ‘Saint Valentine’. He was blamed to arrange secret marriages for Roman soldiers and he was also blamed for converting them into Christianity.

One day Emperor Claudius-II (King of Roman Empire) find saint’s act and imprisoned him. He sentenced death to St. Valentine. During his imprisonment period, Saint Valentine fell in love with the jailor’s blind daughter. Some sources say that he cured her blindness by his selfless love towards her. On 14th February, 270 AD Saint hanged to death and before that he wrote a letter to jailor’s daughter.

He mentioned his identity as ‘Yours Valentine’ in the letter. This salutation became famous and in the loving memory of saint’s love and his noble acts, universally 14th February was declared as ‘Valentine’s Day’.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Valentine’s Day can be said as a symbol of love. The bond between two people is celebrated on this day. On the eve of Valentine’s Day people represent cards, chocolates, and flowers to their loved ones.

The week before 14th February is celebrated as Valentine Week. Each day carries its specialty. The days are sequenced by Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Kiss Day and Hug Day. These days are also a source of inspiration for poets and authors.

Various love quotes depict the glory of love, bonding and eternal peace drawn out of love. Valentine’s Day is also bliss for commercial purposes. Millions of Love Cards sell each year on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

The love Cards are taken as a medium for bringing joy on the faces. The trend of presenting cards is quite old. In the 18th century in England, the custom of gifting on Valentine’s Day became quite popular. People, in those days, started representing cards and chocolates to their loved ones.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Valentine’s Day tells the bonding and emotions one feels about their lovers, partners, and their loved ones. Let’s have look at some important and interesting facts on Valentine’s Day:

  • In the United States, billions of Valentine’s Day Cards sold yearly.
  • The trend of presenting chocolates to their loved ones leads to the high demand for chocolates in Valentine’s week.
  • On 14th February 1800, Richard Cadbury introduced chocolates to the world.
  • There are various varieties of chocolates especially made for Valentine’s Day.
  • Heart-Shaped Chocolates are considered as the symbol of love and generally, it’s purchased on Chocolate Day.
  • In Finland, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as ‘Friendship Day’.
  • Valentine’s Day is mostly celebrated in Christian Countries.
  • There is no official holiday declared by the government on this day but people celebrate it by arranging meals with their loved ones.
  • In India, few communities are totally against the concept of Valentine’s Day they considered as a way to westernization.
  • But the celebration of Valentine’s Day in India is becoming popular day by day.
  • In a survey it is found that gift shops, flower shops are making good business in the season of love.
  • In Rome, the celebration of Valentine’s Day takes place on a huge level; people worship the goddess of love in Roman Catholic mythology.

Paragraph 4 – 250 Words

Valentine’s Day is a festival dedicated to love. We often heard that love doesn’t need a particular day to be celebrated. But Valentine’s Day is made for remembering the togetherness and attachments to our loved ones. Valentines’ Day is followed by Valentines’ Week and it is the grand fest based on the human emotion called love.

Like other fests, Valentine’s Day is also carrying a special history. Commonly, it is known as the day in the memory of Saint Valentine. But some sources say that there were many Bishops in Rome who tried to spread love.

In ancient Greece, The mild winter season was celebrated as Valentine’s Day. According to their mythology, this day was considered as the day when God Zeus married to Goddess Hera. Various mythological facts depict different stories upon the origin of Valentine’s Day. Legacy of the fest says that every year zillions of wedding proposals are asked on 14, February.

It is observed that 75% of men purchase Valentine’s Day Card in comparison to women. Valentine’s Day is quite famous in Christian based countries. Around the globe, this fest is quite popular in America, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Argentina, the Philippines, etc. In the Philippines, mass weddings are organized on this day.

This occasion rejuvenates their bonding. The concept of gifting roses and chocolates is scientifically related to the heart. These mediums of expressing love are considered as the best medium to represent their loving ones. There are various Valentine’s Day celebration ideas:

  • Dinner plan with a partner
  • Outing with loving one
  • Watching a movie with your partner
  • Plan a long trip with your partner

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Ans. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February.

Q2. In whose memory Valentine’s Day is celebrated?

Ans. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in memory of Saint Valentine.

Q3. What is the other festival related to Valentine’s Day?

Ans. Valentine’s week is a festival related to Valentine’s Day.

Q4. What are the gifts people give to near and dear ones?

Ans. People offer cards, flowers and cakes to near and dear ones.