Paragraph on Summer vacation

Summer vacation is the long break of 2-3 months provided by schools/colleges during the summer. Due to scorching summer, schools and colleges get closed in a few months of summer. For a better understanding of readers, we are going to elaborate on Summer vacation in a few paragraphs, in the below sections.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Summer vacation

Paragraph 1 - 100 Words

Summer vacation is the break that schools and colleges provided to the students in one academic year. During summer, in schools Summer vacation is mandatorily declared by the school authority. In colleges when a session/semester is changed the long break of 2-3 months is declared by the College/ University.

Summer vacation is the common concept for the schools/colleges running across the world. The months may differ according to the climate of a particular country. But the tradition of the mandatory break provided by all the schools/colleges is the same. In the Academic level, Summer vacation is considered one of the long vacations in comparison with other holiday leaves.

Paragraph 2 - 120 Words

Summer vacation, as the name says, is the vacation declared by the schools/colleges in the summer season. The harsh sunny climate in the months of May to June in India is considered for declaring the Summer vacations. Summer vacations are the joy for children, youths at the academic level. It does not only provide relaxation from the whole years’ tiredness, but it also does provide an opportunity for joining hobby classes, Internships, etc.

Summer vacation provides an ample of opportunities for students. These days various classes like cooking, art, and craft, dance and music, Computer courses, etc are available for students to utilize their Summer vacations. Apart from these, students also get creative homework, project works as a task to complete in the Summer vacation. In order to maintain the concept of engaging students in studies, schools assign home works and other curriculum-based tasks.

Paragraph 3 - 150 Words

Summer vacation is the joy for school and college-level students. On the Academic level, the entire summer break is rated as a blessing for students. The tradition of summer break is old because extreme heat and scorching sun rays are not tolerable for students. In such condition, the continuing academic session becomes tedious. So, for these reasons, Summer vacations are provided by schools and colleges.

Parents arrange tours/trips for their children during this break. It is also one of the benefits of summer break for taking children on a trip. Summer vacations are refreshing days for students. College students get themselves engaged in Internships, Part-Time Jobs or some Coaching Classes for enhancing their knowledge.

Coaching classes for Competitive Examinations gets started on this vacation. The joy of not waking up in the early morning also attracts students. Summer vacations are not only a mean of relaxation but also useful in enhancing student’s skills and expertise.

Paragraph 4 - 200 Words

Summer vacation is the break from the studies for students for a while. As the summer season falls, the extreme heat becomes an obstruction for regular up down to school/college. So, it is a must to have a break of 2-3 months.

The concept of a long vacation in one academic session is the process of recharging students for studies for rest academic session. Schools’ summer breaks are much longer than colleges’ summer breaks. The real joy of vacation is only in school life. In the college phase, various mandatorily career-based activities are assigned for the entire summer.

School students eagerly wait for this vacation for the whole year. The happiness of not attending back to back classes thrills mind in joy. Parents also got an opportunity to spend some time with their kids. In Indian tradition, it is treated as the days for visiting grandparents' place. These days, tradition is changing and parents prefer to take their kids in hilly areas.

Various habits like exercise, outdoor games, yoga, and other physical fitness activities can be developed in students during summer break. Summer breaks are a useful mean for developing expertise in students. The lesson of self-dependency can also be gained during this time.

Paragraph 5 - 250 Words

Summer vacation is the 2-3 months leaves provided by school/college during the summer season. Classes become suspended for a span of time, but the staff of schools/colleges are not benefitted by this. There are other breaks like winter breaks, festival breaks, but this one is the longest break in the whole academic year. It is the time for which students waited for the whole year.

Students get home works; get themselves involved in hobby classes, coaching classes during summer break. The purpose behind providing such a long break in academic session is to refresh young minds for a period of time. The summers are harsh for conducting classes and for regular up-down of students at their school/college. So the custom of this vacation is invented and implemented.

For College level students, summer break involves engaging in Internships, Part-Time Jobs and other skill development activities. It is often seen that college students voluntarily join NGOs and other social groups in their summer breaks. School students are focusing on skill development strategies in early age. For parents, it is the best way to develop skills in their kids.

Summer Camps are organized by schools and some other institutions for engaging students in hobby classes as per their choice. Various educational movies are specially released in this time period for teaching students morals.

So, it is the best time to enjoy movies, trips, favorite foods and many other favorite activities for children. It is said that “A break is always needed from the busy life”. Summer vacation is the best example of it; from the busy school/college life, it provides a good break from the studies.

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