Paragraph on Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy; the statement depicts the importance of truthfulness and loyalty. It is the best habit a person can include in his/her personality. For a better understanding of readers, we have created some creative paragraphs on “Honesty is the Best Policy”. Kindly go through it as per your need.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Honesty is the Best Policy

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

The Statement introduced by Benjamin Franklin “Honesty is the Best Policy”, describes the importance of Honesty and truth. It is important to choose a path of telling truth and having a fair deed with life. Lying is easy but, but speaking truth has its importance.

Being honest means being true in general life. It is generally said that, if you lie once, it will force you to lie again and again. Instead of telling lie, speaking truth to others opens a path of faith and honesty. Loyalty is eternal and it is the crucial part of honesty. Thus, it is the best option to adapt honesty in general life.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Honesty is the Best Policy; it refers to the power of Honesty in general life. The scenarios we encountered in general life can be solved by honest and fair behaviour. Honesty is the best strategy to follow all through life. Speaking truth may be tough but one can get the best results in return.

The story of a farmer and God Mercury is the one we often heard. It revolves around the farmer and his axe. In this story, God Mercury attempted several times to attract farmer by offering Gold and Silver axes instead of Iron Axe. But farmer accepted only iron axe as per his need. He pleased God Mercury through his honesty, and in return, he was given both silver and gold axes. That’s why it is said honesty is the best policy to adapt in general life.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Honesty is the best policy that should be followed by everyone. In the social world, dishonesty is treated as a quick and easy trick of success. But, Honesty contradicts this way of life. Honesty involves truth as a staircase for success.

If we behave honestly and speak the truth, trustworthiness always increases. At the workplace, several incidents may force a person to speak a lie. But, one may stick to truth through his/her patience and honest work which defines the importance of honesty.

Human Behavioural Science explains Honesty as human nature and trait. Being true towards colleagues, boss and especially whatever task assigned in the office is the best way to be honest. Students, sportsperson, etc always taught to follow the way of Honesty and truth to get the ultimate goal.

Honesty is called precious characteristic of humankind because it always gives a positive result. Being honest is same as being fair in the battle of life. In true sense, it creates self-esteem in a person and way to impress others. This is the reason why it is inculcated in everyone as the best habit.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Honesty is the best Policy to get trust and faith of others in the world. Because gaining someone’s trust is not so easy. Only truthfulness of our statement can collect people’s faith. Honest behaviour reflects the positive side of our personality. Sometimes, people use it at a superficial level to cheat others. Corruption, forgery and various scams are some examples of dishonest behaviour.

Honesty is the authenticity of human behaviour. It can reduce social malpractices. It is the parameter of the truthfulness of the people towards others. Honesty is said to be included as a rule in general life. A famous quote by William Shakespeare says “No legacy is so rich as Honesty”.

According to him, Honesty is rich more than any legacy around the world. It is an expensive weapon for winning one’s heart. Sometimes, it sounds harsh but later on, it gives best results for sure. It is commonly said that never leave the path of truth. Various Legendary figures always speak about Honesty.

According to them, it is the string that connects humanity with trust and faith. Children must be encouraged to be honest because it helps to develop values in them. Moral values and ethics say that being honest is close to a prosperous life.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Honesty is the best policy implies that honesty is the best method to opt. Speaking truth, having a clear thought process and adopting transparency in the decisions is said as honest behaviour. Honesty says that, be honest to each and every person you face in the world. It also states, to be honest to yourself first.

Sometimes situations demand to overlook the things which are not good for us. So, it is our moral duty to not do to anything that will degrade you.

The Business tycoons we see today are established from the ground level. It is their Honesty for coming up from scratch. According to Gandhi Ji, ‘Truth is reality’. Yes, truth is the reality, we have to face it. Being fair with the flow never disappoints a single creature. The importance of truth supports honesty as an integral part of human behaviour.

Honesty says, do not cheat, hurt, or betray anybody intentionally. Sometimes it is compared to a noble task for human welfare. A very famous saying by Winston Churchill “The first step is, to be honest, and then to be noble”. It refers that, to be counted as noble, we have to be honest first.

Honesty is the essence of humanity, being honest towards a single entity is a noble task to follow. In short, honesty is the best strategy for all because a lie doesn’t stay long; the truth may sound bitter but stay long. Trust is the basis of honesty. That is why it is always said that follow the way of honesty.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does honesty depicts?

Ans. Honesty depicts truthfulness and loyalty.

Q2. How can we be honest with anyone?

Ans. We can be honest by being true and by not hiding anything.

Q3. Which story shows Honesty is the best policy?

Ans. The Story of God Mercury and The Woodcutter shows Honesty is the best policy.