Paragraph on Friendship

Friendship is a very important relationship in life. It happens between two or more people not related by blood. People who indulge in friendship are called friends. Friends are always there for you whenever you need help.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Friendship

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Friendship is very important to us. We all need friends in our life. We play with them, talk to them and do so many other good things. Friendship makes us happy and strong. When we are sad, God blesses us with friends. They make us feel happy and loved.

Without friendship, we will be lonely. It fills the loneliness and makes life worth. Friendship can form between anyone. Sometimes, men and animals are seen to be good friends. They love and care for each other. We should respect our friendship and love our friends. May God let friendship forever in our lives.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Friendship is a bond between two or more people. These people are called friends. Friends need each other for fun and help. Without friendship, life would be lonely and sad. Friendship is like happiness gifted to us by God. We can share so many things with friends. We can share joy, sorrow, and your feelings. Just being with friends feels so good.

Friends support you and give you advice. Friends will always be there for you in need. You can trust them and have faith in them. They never judge you or put you down. If a friendship is a garden, friends are flowers. Together they make your life smell like flowers. We must always hold onto friendship and friends.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Friendship is a wonderful relationship. It helps us move through tough times with ease. It gives emotional support when we are sad. A good friend will make you happy and joyous. She/he will never ever leave you alone and sad. Friends also teach us so many good things. They teach us to be honest, polite and good to others. Friends also tell you what’s good and what’s bad. They help you see the world with their eyes.

Your family feeds you so that you can live. Friendship makes sure that you can live happily. It also shapes your personality. You learn good habits from your friends and become one of them. They are like the mirror of your own self. Without friendship, life would be so boring. Can you imagine how boring school will be without friends? I pray to God, that he let friendship stay forever in our lives.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Friendship occurs between two people not related by blood. They may be totally different, yet good friends. Your parents can’t always be there with you. You are on your own in school and other places. Who makes you feel a family in places like these? Who doesn’t let you miss your parents in school? The answer to all the questions is – friends.

A good friend or friends will never leave you alone. You can’t feel sad and lonely with a good friend on your side. Friendship is like the most important blessings of God. True friendship cannot be explained but it can only be felt. You know it as soon as you are in friendship. You can feel the emotional connection with your friend/s. It is like getting a companion for all your adventures. Whether its play of studies, you always look up to your friends.

Not all people are lucky to have a friendship. Some are shy while some are not friendly. We should make friends with shy people and try to make them bold. Friendship makes sure that we spend our life happily. Without friendship, there would be no life.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Friendship is the deepest relationship between two people. If you are in a friendship, you are lucky. Your friend may or may not be like you. He/she may like studies, while you may like sports. Still, you are food friends. Friendship stays with us for life. We make a friend in school. As we grow old we make friends in college.

Again we make friends in the office. Friendship is an ever-going process. Friendship never ends in life, it moves on. You may have several friends but only a few of them are the closest. Your closest friends explain the true meaning of friendship. Friendship is needed when you are sad and lonely. Your friends come to you in these situations. They comfort you, guide you and try to make you happy.

A true friend will never leave you lonely and confused. True friendship is free from all types of divisions. It can occur between rich and poor; young and old; small and big, etc. Two exactly opposite people could be really good friends. Even humans and animals are good friends.

You must have heard the phrase – “a dog is the best friend of a man.” Dog cares for man and men also care for the dog. They both love and care for each other, without thinking about appearance. That is what true friendship is. True friendship doesn’t care how you look. It just cares about who you are. A true friend loves you the way you are.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why friendship is important?

Ans. Friendship allows you to share your thoughts and understand each other.

Q2. Which day is celebrated to highlight the bond of friendship?

Ans. Friendship day on 1st August is celebrated to highlight the bond of friendship.

Q3. Why we should choose our friends carefully?

Ans. We should choose our friends carefully to find out which friend stands with us in harsh times.

Q4. At which places we can make friends?

Ans. We can make friends at school, college, home, offices, and on the internet.