Paragraph on Causes of Pollution

Pollution is the result of man-made nature harming activities. There are various causes of pollution. We have created some of the important paragraphs elaborating on the causes of pollution. Kindly read it as per your need.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Causes of Pollution

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Impurities submerged in our natural environment are called as pollution. Nature is an integral part of the earth. It has provided elements for survival on earth. Sadly, due to some man-made activities quality of nature is degrading. These activities include the burning of fossil fuels, releasing industrial wastes, littering, etc. These causes are not definite and they result in air, soil, water and noise pollution.

Urbanization and increasing population are one of the main reasons behind pollution. Burning of coals, construction of concrete buildings, releasing household wastes in open are major reasons behind polluting the environment.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Pollution is caused by the introduction of harmful substances to nature. These substances cause various diseases and other serious issues. From the continuation of the above Paragraph, we are going to provide some of the reasons behind air pollution:

Burning of Fossil Fuels: Smoke released by vehicles is the major reason behind air pollution. It increases the toxicity of the atmosphere.

Industrial Chimneys: Industrialisation is a major cause of pollution. The harmful smoke produced by industrial chimneys increases the toxicity of air present in the atmosphere.

Burning of Household Fuels: Smoke produced by the combustion of coal and other household fuels is the major contributor to air pollution. They irritate the eyes, respiratory tract, and lungs.

Exposure of Harmful Chemicals to the environment: Chemicals released by industrial wastes carrying toxic elements can pollute the air.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

When our environment gets into contact with impurities, this state is called pollution. There are various elements of pollution. From the continuation of the above paragraph, we are going to elaborate on the reasons behind water pollution.

The contamination of chemicals and other harmful elements into water is called water pollution. Releasing industrial wastes in rivers, oceans and other water bodies is one of the reasons behind water pollution. The Stubborn habit of throwing garbage into water bodies leads to water pollution. Improper drainage systems, releasing household waste into rivers and other water resources pollute the natural source of water.

Dumping of plastic waste into oceans is harmful to marine life. Degrading the most precious element of nature is unfortunate. Oil spilling, exposure of pesticides into the water, leakage of Sewer lines and improper drainage systems are also reasons behind water pollution. In the coming days, the world will face a shortage of water.

Paragraph 4 -200 Words

Pollution is the degradation of our environment. There are various man-made acts that are slowly destroying the rawness of our nature. Deforestation is one of them. Forests are said as the natural air filters of our environment. A growing population needs space to rehabilitate. Farming is also one of the main reasons behind the cutting down of trees. The quality of soil is also deeply affected by the contamination of harmful substances into it. There are various reasons for soil pollution:

Excessive use of pesticides contaminates the quality of the soil. Dumping garbage into land leads to the infertility of soil. Cutting down forests is one of the major causes behind soil erosion and soil pollution. Fertilizers and Pesticides deplete the quality of the soil. Exposure of industrial wastes into the soil, infertile the quality of the soil.

Noise pollution is also counted as one of the reasons for environmental pollution. Hearing frequency is different in humans and other living organisms. If they exposed to hear more than their hearing frequency then it can cause serious issues.

Generally, the sounds produced by vehicles, speakers, continuous sound from the elevators, aeroplane landing, etc. are understood as the reasons behind noise pollution. Industrial sounds, household sounds, and all the other high pitched sound-producing devices are also the reason behind noise pollution.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Environment degrading elements are called as the reason for pollution. These pollutants are harmful to living organisms and our natural habitat. Radioactive wastes are also one of the biggest environmental degrading elements. The scrap released by nuclear fission, nuclear power plant, bombardment, nuclear testing, etc. are the main reason behind radioactive pollution.

In the name of development, we all are degrading the natural pureness of our environment. What is the future of it? In a survey, it is declared that in the coming years the pollution level will be exceeded. As far as we have talked about the causes of pollution. Let’s consider its consequences:

Effects on Humans: All kind of pollution whether it is air, water, soil or Noise pollution, they all are harmful to our health. They can give various kinds of serious health issues like respiratory diseases, skin allergies, cancer, and other diseases.

Effects on Environment: Our environment is losing its quality due to the addition of fine pollutants. The elements of environment like air, water soil are contaminated by the hazardous elements and slowly they are depleting the quality of the environment.

Effects on Flora and Fauna: If we talk about greenery and bio-diversity around on the earth, they all are suffering from pollution. Deforestation is one of the reasons behind it. Wildlife habitat is getting reduced due to consistent cutting down of forests. Terrestrial and marine organisms are suffering from pollution.

Earth has vast natural resources. From the early days, natural resources are utilized for developing a civilization. Then why to pollute it? For saving nature and mother earth there must be a proper agenda to be followed by all the people dwelling here.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the causes of Water Pollution?

Ans. Water pollution is caused by mixing of toxic substances in water and contaminating it.

Q2. How air pollution is caused?

Ans. Smoke, Industrial residue, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide causes air pollution.

Q3. How can soil pollution take place?

Ans. Soil Pollution takes place due to contamination of non-biodegradable substances in the soil.

Q4. What are the causes of Noise Pollution?

Ans. Causes of Noise Pollution include loud noises from vehicles, speakers and jet planes.