National Epilepsy Day

National Epilepsy Day is an annual observation in India. It is held every year on the 17th of November to make people aware of the disease of Epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation of India plays the most important role in observing the National Epilepsy Day throughout the nation. Apart from it, various medical and non-medical organizations also come forward to observe the day in a different way.

Epilepsy is not just a national but a global problem, and having complete information about it will be beneficial for all. For attaining this goal, we observe National Epilepsy Day every year and n every part of the country.

National Epilepsy Day 2022

The National Epilepsy Day 2022 will be observed on 17th of November, Thursday. There is expected to be a grand celebration this year as people are waiting eagerly for the day. The preparation for the event has already been started, and there is much enthusiasm among people for it. Since most of the people are aware of the problem of epilepsy, there is an expectation of the involvement of a large number of people in the celebration. Now, we have to see what new and different happens this year.


National Epilepsy Day is one of the major events of the Indian calendar to be celebrated annually. The observation of the event was started by the Epilepsy Foundation of India. When was the National Epilepsy Day observed for time is not clear, it is being observed continuously for many years. Initially, it was being observed on a very small level, but slowly the observation has spread in every corner of the nation. The responsible organizations also ensure the participation of every individual in the event.


On National Epilepsy Day, the Epilepsy Foundation of India organizes various programmes and activities in different parts of the nation. These programmes include seminars, campaigns, medical camps, and other information programmes. All these remain focused on how to share as much information about epilepsy as possible.

The above-mentioned foundation and other government and non-government organizations run free epilepsy detection and treatment camps so that every individual can have most of the benefit and be aware of the seriousness of the issue. Even many clinics also provide a free epilepsy treatment on the day.

The Epilepsy Foundation of India also runs Academic Workshop and Training Programmes for people where they share knowledge about epilepsy and provide training on how to control it effectively. Organizing marathons to aware people on Epilepsy has become a trend now which almost every state government follows on the day, and it fetches the best result ever.

The ‘Epilepsy Care and Research Foundation’ in Rajasthan observes the National Epilepsy Day on a grand level. Instead of observing Epilepsy Day on 17 November, the foundation observes it many times a year. On occasion, it conducts various free camps and seminars where they diagnose and treat epilepsy patients free of charge. This is an inspiration and beneficial for most of the people living there. Other state governments and concerning organizations should learn from them.

Objectives and Significance

The one and the only reason behind observing National Epilepsy Day is to make people aware of the Epilepsy and tell them that it can be cured if diagnosed on time. The medical science has got the treatment of epilepsy, and this is what to tell is the objective of observing the event on such a grand level in India.

There is a huge population in India which lacks sufficient information and proper treatment regarding epilepsy. By organizing free camps, it is to ensure that every needy person gets the appropriate treatment on time and free of cost.

Epilepsy was considered a deadly disease a few decades ago, but with time it has also found effective treatment. Due to a lack of information, people still consider it a lifelong disease. Through National Epilepsy Day, it is necessary to tell those people that Epilepsy is now a minor disease and can be cured.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a common disease that creates disorder in nerve cells and brings mental imbalance. It is categorized as a neurological disorder that can be treated.

Some possible causes of Epilepsy to occur are the genetic inheritance or some injury related to the brain. Epilepsy is also known as ‘seizure disorders’ which is quite a medical term. Often the patients of epilepsy suffer from social discrimination, but it is wrong. It is just a common disease and can’t spread through contact or infection.


Epilepsy is such a disease which has several symptoms and can be diagnosed easily. A person suffering from epilepsy experienced uncertain and intense jerking of the body. This jerking is not easy to control. During it, the person completely loses his control from his body and his mind as well. It feels him like the pricking of many pins or needles together and on every part of the body. The muscles of his arms and legs get stiff. These are some common measures that a person experiences while suffering from epilepsy.


Epilepsy is a completely curable disease, and there is no need to get panic about it. All that we have to do is to not be careless and consult a doctor as soon as possible. The patient of epilepsy should not be made to face discrimination as they need our support. Having breakfast or dinner with a diseased person and sharing some quality time with him can’t affect you adversely. Instead, it will help him in being mentally calm and getting control on the situation faster.

Data and Statistics Related to Epilepsy

Epilepsy is not a national problem but a global one. It has spread throughout the entire world. Around 100 million people globally are affected by Epilepsy at the present time. From them, more than 15 million live in India, mostly in rural India. The cases of the disease in rural parts more than the urban areas indicate that there is still a lack of complete information and awareness among people.

The most ongoing cases of epilepsy in India are because of not the availability of proper treatment and facilities. There are mainly three types of epilepsy and all of them are found in our country. There is still a need for knowledge to be spread which we also can do on our level.


National Epilepsy Day is an important day of India. As a day related to medical science and our health, it shares the greatest importance for us because a person with any age group can be affected by epilepsy. We all should contribute to making people aware of the disease and help them in finding treatment. Our small help can bring a big change to the life of others and provide them with a healthy and happy life.