Unity is Strength – Proverb Meaning and Expansion of idea


Unity is strength is a widely used proverb, meaning that when a group of people stays united then they will emerge stronger as compared to what they would have been individual. The beauty of the proverb is that it applies not only to humans but also to other living species as well. Mammals like buffaloes, elephants, etc are known to live in a group and protect each other and the young ones from predatory attacks. This strategy is successful in saving their lives. This explains the true meaning of unity is strength.

Expansion of idea

The proverb ‘unity is strength’ conveys that strength comes from unity, that is people who are united and stay with each other in adversities, are stronger and face the threats successfully. This not only applies to humans but also to other creatures as well.

Unity is an act of staying together, displayed by humans and some other species as well. It means staying together and helping each other through the thick and thin. Humans stay in family and society that makes them stronger as compared to the solitary dwelling. Did you ever come across a man who had been living alone, without family and friends? Did you notice how vulnerable he was, to the circumstances, and to other threats?

Staying united gives physical superiority to people over their threats as well as gives emotional support. When a group of people stays united, they not only fight together but also help each other in case of emotional upheaval.

Short Stories on ‘Unity is Strength’

A well written interesting story on unity is strength will help you understand the true meaning of the proverb, in an interesting way. Please find below a couple of stories I have written, based on the theme ‘unity is strength’.

Short Story 1

Once, a flock of pigeons were flying over a forest. They were very hungry and their chief was desperate to find something to eat for his companions. Looking below, the chief spotted grains scattered over a square ground. Happy that at least they found something to eat, the flock descended and got ready to feats.

A crow sitting on a nearby tree warned them that, it’s a trap laid by a fowler, but the pigeons were so hungry that they just couldn’t stop themselves from feasting on the rice grains. As soon as they started eating, they realized that they have been eating on a net laid by the fowler and now they can’t fly. They all went into panic except the chief who asked them to be patient and think about the escape plan.

The chief asked his companions to try flying together, this way they all would fly simultaneously generating enough strength to lift the net. The pigeons did as instructed by the chief and they successfully flew together, taking the net with them.

The pigeon chief had a mouse friend who cut the net lose and made them free. In the end, the pigeon chief told his companions – “You see friends together we have achieved something that was impossible alone. Always remember that unity is strength.”

Short Story 2

Once, a wise singer and his team of eleven associates were returning from a foreign land after earning huge money. They had to travel day and night through forests and villages, taking rest for a few hours, whenever required.

One night they happen to pass through a forest in which a gang of dacoits was active. Though they tried their best to pass through the forest unnoticed, the dacoits spotted them and stopped them. They also asked them to reveal all their possessions which the businessman refused.

The dacoits then said that if they didn’t reveal their possessions then they would be taking them to their chief, who is more cruel and barbarous. Even then the businessman and his associates didn’t tell anything to the robbers. Angry, the robbers start walking with them to their chief.

Just as they were walking through the forest that the singer realized that they were twelve and the robbers were only four. An idea flashed through his mind. He started beating the drum and singing – “As the drum beats one, two three; three on each will make the world free!” The dacoits laughed at his singing and rubbished it as stupid, but his associates were wise enough to pick the message. What the singer was actually telling his companions that three of them can overpower each of the dacoits together, as they were exactly thrice the number of dacoits.

On the count of three drum beats, three of the members overpowered each dacoit and beat them black and blue. Scared by the development the robbers ran away and the singer and his team were free. On their way back to home, they all discussed how unity gave them the strength to overpower dreaded robbers.


A well-written example on unity is strength that will let you understand the meaning of the proverb more effectively. I have given a couple of examples on the proverb for your knowledge. Please go through them and try to understand the proverb’s meaning and significance.

“Birds of a feather flock together, because, it effectively protects them from attacks from other predatory birds; indeed, unity is strength.”

“A stick of unity is easily broken using hands, but if you tie a couple of them together, then the difficulty increase. This is the most practical example of unity is strength.”

“The historian said – I am just amazed by how some of the weakest tribes in history have successfully protected themselves against external intrusion by a stronger opponent, only because staying united. Unity had been their primary strength. Or you can say that unity is strength!”

“We live in a family because individually we are more susceptible to adversities, but united as a family we help each other and overcome problems because unity is strength.”

“Every Indian individually didn’t stand a chance against the British, but, united we became strong enough to oust them from our motherland. Indeed, unity is strength.”


After Belgium’s 1830 revolution, the motto ‘Strength Unity is Strength’ was used for the first time. The proverb was used in Belgium to promote unity among its nine provinces.

Since then the motto was picked up by several countries and organizations and is still in popular use. Today it is the national motto of Belgium, Bolivia, and Bulgaria. The phrase changed with time and today many alterations of it are found like “Unity is strength”, united we stand, divided we fall”, etc.


The importance of proverb ‘unity is strength’ is that it inspires a spirit of unity among people, which is a very important criterion in bringing order to society. Only when the people are united; that they work towards the progress of the society, together fighting against all odds. Staying disintegrated, on the other hand, would have them fighting against themselves.

A progressive nation is a perfect example of ‘Unity is strength’. The proverb inspires the citizens to work for the overall good of the nation, by staying together. People from different religions, backgrounds, and ethnicities, stay united, making efforts to the nation’s progress as well as protecting it from external threats.