Paragraph on childhood vs. adulthood

Childhood and adulthood are important parts of life. From a toddler to a fully mature person there are various scenarios that we face. Both phases are different from one another in terms of innocence, responsibility, freedom, etc. We have prepared some of the important paragraphs on childhood vs. adulthood. Kindly read it.

Short and Long Paragraphs on childhood vs. adulthood

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Childhood is the phase when we are growing up as a kid. Adulthood is completely different from the childhood phase; it’s the period when we grow up as an adult. Both phases are completely different from each other. But both are crucial for our life. They play a different but important role in our upbringing and both are interrelated with one another.

There are many differences between childhood and adulthood. In fact, Childhood is the age when there is no pressure of work and responsibilities but adulthood is the phase when we have to understand the responsibilities and the attachments we have with others.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Childhood is considered as the innocent phase of our life. Childhood is a period of time when we are in the process of sensing the things going around us. When a baby is born he/she is slowly taking steps towards childhood then towards adulthood. A person is officially said as an adult when he/she reaches the age of 18.

We are mature enough to take our decisions and work for securing a bright future. We chose our path to build our career. In western culture, adulthood is the phase when youngsters are considered that they are mature enough to fulfill their financial needs. In India, the scenario is a little different our parents can take care of our needs and responsibilities after adulthood too.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Childhood and Adulthood are different phases of life. Following points can differentiate both phases of life:

In terms of Responsibilities: In the childhood phase, we grow as a child. There is no understanding of responsibilities or needs. While growing as an adult or facing the adulthood phase, we concerned about our future, career, responsibilities, and financial dependences. We took our steps towards building our career and chose an oath that leads towards our future.

In Terms of Financial Independence: During childhood, we are not aware of the financial fact and conditions of our family. But while growing as a teenager we slowly start understanding the financial and conditions of our family. As we grow as an adult we get a sense of earning and helping our parents in a financial manner.

Some people start earning from a very young age due to the financial crisis. But in normal families, it is considered that when a child completes his/her education, then only he would be financially independent to fulfill his/her needs in monetary terms.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Childhood is said as the best phase of life. There is no pressure of studies and responsibilities. We are so innocent to understand the materialistic world. As we grow old we start understanding the norms of life and we live accordingly. Generally, 18-21 is said as the age when we officially declared as adults and entered in the phase of adulthood for lifelong.

Both phases are different as well as important in our life. Childhood is relaxing and small things are happy in life. There are no worries and stress about life as a child; we are dependent upon our parents. Life is very simple during childhood. As an adult, there is a burden of responsibilities on our shoulders. We have to take care of our career, financial terms and as adult when we start a new family it’s another responsibility.

When an individual gets a job, he shared so many responsibilities and then the burden of financial need starts expanding. Marriage is another responsibility; here responsibility is shared with your spouse/partner. Slowly, in the next phase of life, parenthood comes into life, a person acts accordingly and then expenditure also increases. The upbringing of children and taking care of their needs is part of adulthood. So this is how adulthood is different from childhood.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the tasks in childhood?

Ans. In childhood, we need to go to school, complete our works and enjoy life.

Q2. What are the tasks of adulthood?

Ans. In adulthood, we need to work on our responsibilities.

Q3. What are the advantages of childhood?

Ans. In childhood, there was no pressure and we need only to study and play.

Q4. What are the advantages of adulthood?

Ans. In adulthood, we understand life and know how to be responsible.