Quantifier Determiners

Definition with Examples

Quantifiers determine the quantity of the subject. Quantifiers are used to determine the physical as well as psychological quantities for both countable as well as uncountable nouns- ‘too much pressure’, ‘several apples’, many people, much stress, much hard work, etc. Find here some examples:

  • This is my first car after job.
  • He scored a second century.
  • Much has been compromised by many.
  • The multiple choice questions had four options.
  • I had enough of your advices.
  • There were several contestants for the post of chairman.


Quantifier Determiners are like-  many, much, a little, a bit of, a lot of, most, some, enough, any, few, several , not much, too much, so much, not so much, too many, not many, enough  etc Cardinal numbers- one, two, three…. Etc, Ordinal numbers- first, second, third…etc, Consider the following sentences for example-

Quantifiers like little, a bit of, a lot of, a large amount of etc are used to quantify uncountable nouns. For example please go through the below sentences-

  • I want my coffee with a bit of cream on top.
  • Add a little sugar to your milk.
  • The bank received a large amount of complaints.

Quantifiers like few, several, a large number of etc are to be used with countable nouns-

  • He gave me few advices before leaving.
  • He had several mangoes in his fridge.
  • Ronit has a large number of collectible items.

Quantifiers like some, plenty, any, lots of, no etc can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns. For Ex-

  • I don’t have any sugar with me.
  • I don’t have any mangoes in my fridge.
  • Ronit has plenty of collectible items.

Worksheet /Exercises/Activities

Fill In the Blanks Exercise on Quantifiers

Complete the below sentences by filling in appropriate Quantifiers.

  • I have _______ friends. Ram is one of them.
  • Global warming is _______ talked about these days.
  • Would you like to have _________ tea?
  • There were __________ apples fallen on the ground.
  • _________ more salt will ruin the dish.
  • He looked _________ confused.
  • All the mammals have _________ eyes.
  • India was the _________ in Asia to have a lake tapings on Koyna dam in Maharashtra.
  • I think I have read _________ on the subject to give a presentation.
  • __________ people living in a particular area drain the resources.
  • __________ liked him because of his rudeness.
  • He was ___________ concerned about his grades as he was about his personality.
  • We had __________ fun in vacations.
  • Do you have ________ regret for what you have done?
  • He spends ________ of his time reading his favorite book.
  • The day was good except ________ hurdles.
  • There was ________ left for the late comers.
  • __________ advice from you elders will always help you in future.
  • The children were __________ excited for the fest.
  • ________ people lost their homes during the 2004 tsunami.

MCQs Exercise on Quantifiers

Fill in the blanks with proper choice provided.

1) ________ is being said about pollution than done.

  1. a) many
  2. b) little
  3. c) much

2) All that the children need is _________ love.

  1. a) little
  2. b) lots of
  3. c) much

3) Just ________ salt is enough to spoil the milk.

  1. a) a bit of
  2. b) a small
  3. c) a little more

4) There were ________ people present for the speech.

  1. a) not much
  2. b) not many
  3. c) a little

5) I had _________ of your advices!

  1. a) much
  2. b) a little of
  3. c) enough

6) The principal was _________ concerned about the management as he was about the grades.

  1. a) not much
  2. b) not so much
  3. c) so much

7) He got ________ busy that he forgot to call his mother.

  1. a) so less
  2. b) not so much
  3. c) so much

8) The chief guest was invited on the stage to say _______ words on the occasion.

  1. a) few
  2. b) many
  3. c) a lot of

9) There were _________ fishes in the pond.

  1. a) many
  2. b) much
  3. c) several

10) Sometimes the children are subjected to ________ of pressure to compete.

  1. a) too many
  2. b) too much
  3. c) too little

11) These days _________ of the people sleep with their phones beside their head.

  1. a) much
  2. b) many
  3. c) most

12) Please add _______ butter on the bread.

  1. a) some
  2. b) three
  3. c) not many

13) The cake had ________ cream over it.

  1. a) many
  2. b) a lot of
  3. c) most

14) He was having _________ chocolates in a day.

  1. a) too much
  2. b) enough
  3. c) too many

15) We were given _________ time to read the question paper.

  1. a) a little
  2. b) many
  3. c) several

16) Many governments are ________ worried about the environment.

  1. a) several
  2. b) not much
  3. c) so much

17) ________ boats were docked alongside the river bank.

  1. a) much
  2. b) little
  3. c) several

18) We have ________ food to feed all our citizens provided we don’t waste ________.

  1. a) enough, any
  2. b) much, it
  3. c) little, much

19) I would like to have _______ coffee with a ________ cream on top.

  1. a) little, many
  2. b) some, little
  3. c) little, little

20) People waste _________ of their time hoping for it to change.

  1. a) most
  2. b) many
  3. c) too many

True or False Activities on Quantifiers

Carefully read the sentences and tell whether they are true or false. Refer to the corrections provided in the end.

1) I woke up hearing some noise.

2) Children should be given many milk every day.

3) I have many books on adventure.

4) Don’t speak much when you are surrounded by fools.

5) He spends many of his time in sports.

6) You need a little to exist but a little more to live.

7) There were a bit of apples on the table.

8) The room was adored with some paintings on each wall.

9) We had many rice in the party.

10) The river gives plenty of water for days to the city.


Fill In The Blanks- 1)many, 2)much, 3)some, 4)many, 5)a little, 6)a little, 7)two, 8)first, 9)enough, 10)too many, 11)not many, 12)not so much, 13)a lot of, 14)any, 15) most, 16)few, 17)not much, 18)a little, 19)much, 20)many

MCQs- 1)c, 2)b, 3)a, 4)b, 5)c, 6)b, 7)c, 8)a, 9)c, 10)b, 11)c, 12)a, 13)b, 14)c, 15)a, 16)b, 17)c, 18)a, 19)b, 20)a

True And False- 1)true, 2) false, 3) true, 4) true, 5) false, 6) true, 7) false, 8) true, 9) false, 10) true

How you can make True the False ones: Here it is described with reason:

2) Children should be given much milk everyday. ( milk is un countable)

5) He spends much/most of his time in sports.

7) There were few apples on the table.

9) We had much rice in the party.

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