Compound Preposition

Definition with Examples

Unlike Simple prepositions which are simple and short word, a Compound Preposition is a combination of words. According to, aside from, because of, are the few examples of compound preposition. Let us use these words on forming simple sentences.

  • According to his teacher he is a good student.
  • The room was clean aside from few strewn pieces of paper.
  • He worked because of the money that he gets.
  • You should have gone west instead of going east.

In the above sentences ‘According to’, aside from, because of, and instead of are examples of compound preposition.  Consider the first sentence- ‘to’ is a simple preposition and ‘according to’ is a compound preposition. Likewise- ‘aside from’, because of, instead of are all the examples of compound prepositions.

The compound prepositions covered till now were two words compound interest, we also have three word compound prepositions like- in addition to, in spite of, in front of, on condition of, on top of etc . We will now go through a few sentences using three words compound prepositions-

  • In addition to the allowances, he is also entitled for the bonus.
  • In spite of being subjected to frequent criticism, he still manages to do well.
  • Your car was parked in front of the petrol pump.
  • The information was provided by a source on condition of anonymity.
  • The books were lying on top of the table.

Now that we have understood the two and three words compound prepositions, we will further improve our knowledge by finding some more examples and solving exercises.


Because of, according to, instead of, apart from, despite of, in addition to, due to, result of, causes of, effect of, effect on, in spite of, aside from, in front of, on condition of, consequence of, on top of, in respect to, with regard to, in accordance with, in agreement with, for lack of, for want of, in case of

Exercises/Activities/Worksheet with MCQs and Answers:

From the options given, choose the compound preposition that best fits into the sentence.

  • Everything falls to the ground _______ earth’s gravitational pull.
    1. for
    2. because of
    3. cause of
  • The trial was done ___________ the procedure of law.
    1. in accordance with
    2. due to
    3. despite of
  • India Gate is located right ________ the President’s house.
    1. in back of
    2. beside
    3. in front of
  • As a ________ of his hard work, he achieved the target.
    1. instead of
    2. result of
    3. apart from
  • ________ following the rules, he chose to break them.
    1. instead of
    2. despite of
    3. due to
  • Failure is often__________ negligence.
    1. an effect of
    2. consequence of
    3. reason of
  • Much had been sacrificed __________ achieving independence.
    1. for want of
    2. due to
    3. causes of
  • He is doing well _________ the adversities.
    1. aside from
    2. despite of
    3. instead of
  • The companies are _________ each other.
    1. agreement
    2. in accordance to
    3. in agreement with
  • The National Flag should be furled ________ every building.
    1. top
    2. above
    3. on top of
  • The students were given toys _________ the sweets on Children’s day.
    1. according to
    2. aside from
    3. in addition to
  • ________ the fundamental rights, every citizen are entitled to equality of opportunity.
    1. instead of
    2. in respect to
    3. on top of
  • ________ of the warnings, he continued swimming.
    1. besides of
    2. in spite of
    3. oblivious
  • The accused turned witness __________ leniency.
    1. on condition of
    2. on charge of
    3. lack of
  • ________ a beautiful house, he also owns a beautiful farm.
    1. because of
    2. aside from
    3. due to
  • I have to do the cooking ________ doing the dishes.
    1. apart from
    2. causes of
    3. effect on
  • Changing climatic condition is responsible __________ crop yield.
    1. decrease of
    2. for lack of
    3. effect on
  • The parents must be informed _________ any in disciplinary conduct by their wards.
    1. despite of
    2. in regards to
    3. in case of
  • _______ to your exceptional performance, you will be honored.
    1. with regard to
    2. aside from
    3. apart from
  • _________ the Indian law, a government servant cannot hold any other office of profit.
    1. despite to
    2. in spite of
    3. according to
  • Un education and lack of awareness are the main _________ the population explosion.
    1. cause of
    2. causes of
    3. despite of
  • Pollution is having a deep _______ the environment.
    1. effect of
    2. effect on
    3. consequence of
  • He didn’t turned up on time, ________ his busy schedule.
    1. due to
    2. aside from
    3. apart from
  • Global warming is an _________ green house gas emission.
    1. effect of
    2. instead of
    3. despite of

Answers- 1)b, 2)a, 3)c, 4)b, 5)a, 6)b, 7)a, 8)b, 9)c, 10)c, 11)c, 12)b, 13)b, 14)a, 15)b, 16)a, 17)b, 18)c, 19)a, 20)c, 21)b, 22)b, 23)a, 24)a

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