Kanak Mishra

Kanak, a Post Graduate in English literature is a Content Writer by profession and has good taste for writing. She writes regularly and always seeks for creativity and tries hard to polish her writing skills to make them glitter with the same shimmer that her name owns. She is versatile because she also knows stenography, is Bachelors in Music, and a Dietitian too. All this helps her to write in more informative way.

Essay on My Dream

We all dream and sometimes our dreams do not let us sleep in peace and they become our passions. Nothing could be more beautiful than a dream come true. Very few of us follow their dreams and those who do are always successful in life. “Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” by Akira …

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Fit India Movement

Everything You Need to Know About Fit India Movement On the occasion of 114th birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand India’s hockey legend, India witnesses the launch of the “Fit India Movement”. The event started off by a colourful performance over the description of various health benefits of India’s native martial arts forms and games …

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Paragraph on Science

Science can be called the 8th wonder of the world because of its contribution to our day to day life. Science has made our lives easier and has always provided a comfort zone. Science is everywhere and we have discussed here some surprising facts about science. Short and Long Paragraphs on Science Paragraph 1 – …

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Paragraph on Books

Books are our best friends and one of the best means of education. In the old days, books were written by hand. The block printing system was later developed. The history of bookmaking is really interesting. Today we have a wide variety of books and this was made possible only by technology. Books are one …

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Paragraph on Save Trees

When we say tree, the green color automatically envelops our minds. They are very important to us. Nevertheless, day by day we are destroying them. They are an integral part of our lives and it is true that we cannot survive without them. Still, we cut them. Short and Long Paragraphs on Save Trees Paragraph …

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