Paragraph on Books

Books are our best friends and one of the best means of education. In the old days, books were written by hand. The block printing system was later developed. The history of bookmaking is really interesting. Today we have a wide variety of books and this was made possible only by technology. Books are one of the best mediums for education.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Books

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Books are a good source of information, where we can find the information in a written and pictorial form. In the beginning years, they use to be in a handwritten form which slowly changed into a printed one. They contain various types of information and are the best form of storing knowledge.

In the old days, there was no internet and books were the only source of information. Even today we read books, we have books each from a different subject in schools and we enjoy reading them. Reading books is a very good habit and we should always promote reading.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

We love reading books because we get different kinds of information in them. In today’s generation we have the internet to read anything, but carrying a book is easier as well as good for health. We carry books to our schools and enjoy the facts within them. You can underline the useful information and enjoy the pictures given in them.

Books are of different types, like academics, storybooks, workbooks, etc. The very first book came into accordance was published between 618 and 907 and the Holy Bible is the most read book in the world. Initially, there was no printing press and books were written by hand but today we have thousands of publishing houses. Reading is helpful in many ways, so always read books and live a peaceful life.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Books are the best and have all kinds of solutions. Books were developed from the earnest of writing. It was seen for the first time in Egypt, where a book was made with the help of a wooden cover and the pages were made up of animal skin. It was also Johannes Gutenberg a prominent name in the history for making books with the help of mechanical printing press, approx. in 1450.

In the old days, books were created to store information. People use to pass knowledge from one generation to another with the help of books. Bible, Gita, and Quran are some of the examples. Even it was only with the help of books we know our history. Many writers wrote various stories about different kings and their dynasties.

Books are our best friends because they always teach us good things. We learn from them and increase our knowledge. Always opt a reading habit, it will increase your knowledge as well as will always keep you happy and your mind fresh.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

A book is a medium of spreading knowledge. They are also the best medium of studies. As some books are just for entertainment, some are to learn, some should be applied in our lives. The motives of different books are different. Francis Bacon has very well described books in his essay ‘Of Studies’. He said –

Histories make men wise; poets witty; the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy deep; moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend”.

We should read all types of books but apply only what we need. This is because we are taught various subjects in our schools.

Printing with the help of blocks was first seen in China in 220 AD. Whereas it was 1040 AD when printing became possible with the help of technology. After the development of printing technology, it became easy to print books. Nowadays books are also available online in the form of e-books.

Some people feel tough to carry books; they can easily read e-books on their phones. Books contain good thoughts and knowledge. The more you read them the wiser you grow. Make books your best friend and they will never disappoint you.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Books are one of the most important necessities of life because they are an integral part of education. It was Johannes Gutenberg from Germany, who invented the printing press in the mid of 15th century.

Different Types of Books

At first, books were made up of wood and also from animal skin. This got improving day by day. Today we have various types of books. They can be differentiated as per their type and use.

  • e-Books: The first one is e-books, which are available in a device, either on your phone or laptop. They are easy to carry and should have good internet connectivity to read them. Sometimes you can also buy them.
  • AudioBook: The other type is an audiobook. The audiobooks are also available online. These books contain audio because sometimes we feel tired and want to listen instead of reading. They are very helpful in such a situation.
  • Paper Books: Paper books are a common one which generally every use. You can carry them everywhere and can easily read and write on them.

Books are also differentiated as per subject like Mathematics, Science, Law, Social, Language, etc. you can read them as per your need and choice. You can also have a book of any language. They are helpful in many ways.

Importance of Books

Children love reading stories and books are one of the best mediums to stay connected with studies. Books are a medium of spreading knowledge. Still in this era, we can read the thoughts and philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi; this is possible because of books. So, always read them and stay happy.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which was the first book published?

Ans. The Epic of Gilgamesh was the first book published.

Q2. Which is the most sold book?

Ans. The Holy Bible is the most sold book in the world.

Q3. What is the full form of ISBN?

Ans. International Standard Book Number is the full form of ISBN.

Q4. How many books are there in the world?

Ans. As of 2021, there are about 130 million books in the world.