Paragraph on World Red Cross Day

Helping others without expecting anything in return is a noble act of kindness. Though it brings us no materialistic benefit, the eternal happiness we get is tremendous. There is a day based on this concept and known as the 'World Red Cross Day'. Let's learn about it through some paragraphs below on 'World Red Cross Day'. I am sure that these sets will inspire you to help others without any cause.

Short and Long Paragraphs on World Red Cross Day

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

World Red Cross Day is a global and a very important day that falls on 8 May annually. We celebrate the World Red Cross Day on the given date because it is the birth anniversary of 'Jean Henry Dunant'. Jean was the founder of 'Red Cross Society' which completely works on the concept of humanitarian.

It was 8 May in 1948 when the World Red Cross was celebrated for the first time, however, with time, the 'World Red Cross Day changed its title, and in 1984, it became the 'World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day'.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

The World Red Cross Day is an annual event that resembles the celebration of welfare and humanity across the world. It is an important day which has a fixed date and occurs on the 8th of May every year. It is such a major event that the people of almost all countries celebrate with the true essence of humanity.

The World Red Cross Day is mainly a kind of tribute to those volunteers who are always ready to help others without and personal benefit. Their act to make people suffer less is worth rewarding, and the World Red Cross Day does so by paying them the ultimate tribute and respect worldwide. It also inspires everyone to perform some act of charity.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

The 'World Red Cross Day' is the birth anniversary of Sir Jean Henry Dunant, who was the first recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1901. Sir Jean Henry Dunant had born on 8 May 1828. He was a social activist, a businessman and the founder of the 'International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement'.

The 'World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day' is mainly focused on helping the people in need and meet their need for food, nutrition, cloth, shelter, monetary support or others. It is also a day to reward and respect those people who are always ready to others so that to praise their act of kindness to make it an inspiration for the rest of the world.

In a very short time, the World Red Cross Day has become a very important day worldwide instilling a sense of helpfulness in the people, especially youngsters.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

The 'World Red Cross Day and Red Crescent Day' is a very major global event to promote humanity on the global level. On the 8th of May every year, it comes with a different theme to work for the betterment of society from a different perspective.

The day got its concept of origin right after the end of 'World War I' when there was a huge loss of lives, and people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia were on the help of the wounded soldiers for three days.

After 'World War II', the need for celebrating 'World Red Cross Day' became necessary and the world celebrated its first event in 1948. Right since then, the day became an event to promote helpfulness among people through various activities to maintain mutual harmony.

On the day, the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) organizes various events so spread the sense of assistance. All the states in India conduct many programmes based on the same theme to bring people together in every situation. Some important personalities of the states and the nation also inspire people through their speech. We all should also celebrate the day because it makes us a better human being.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

'World Red Cross Day' or popularly 'World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day' is such an event that brings a positive change in society. The celebration of the day roams around helping the people in need, whether individually or in a mass, whether on a small level or a grand level.

The primary goal of Red Cross Day and the Red Cross Society is to fulfill the need for blood by making people aware of the benefits of blood donation. Besides blood donation, they also work on providing sufficient medical and emergency assistance in need. These assistances are available for the people of the world, and also anyone can step forward to help others with the Red Cross Society.

There are seven basic beliefs of the Red Cross Society on which the World Red Cross Day celebration takes place. These seven beliefs are Humanity, Impartiality, Independence, Neutrality, Unity, Voluntary Services, and Universality.

All the seven principles of the Red Cross Society advise helping others with both sympathy and empathy and without any discrimination and assisting everyone without limiting your region, and making people inspired to help others in the same way.

The people belonging to the Red Cross Society or those who are its members help even the people in need of different countries or also the continents. They mainly work on disaster response, pre-disaster preparation, and social awareness. Their work is worth rewarding, and the World Red Cross Day provides them with global respect. We should also be inspired to help others with whatever we have.