Paragraph on a Picnic with Family

Spending quality time with our loved ones is a great joy. Going on a picnic can be a good idea for a family. We have merged all of the fun picnic ideas and experiences in the paragraphs mentioned below. Kindly go through it.

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

A picnic can be the best option for spending time together with our family members. Planning a picnic can fill sparkle in the eyes. For going out a family picnic, the foremost selection will be the place. Adding other family members like aunts and uncles can be a good option for leisure time. Then it requires a proper vehicle selection for going on the place.

Picnic is an entertainment outing, by bringing up home-cooked food can add more fun into it. Picnic is a refreshing one day tour. Parents involve their children in picnic preparations. A family picnic can be a memorable fun tour for family members.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

How can we make a Family Picnic more Interesting?

Family Picnic is the best to plan for spending some quality time with our near-dear ones. Planning a long vacation can be difficult for working people, so they can plan a family picnic on weekends to spend a good time with their family. Before going for a family picnic one should consider the following tips:

A family picnic can be fruitful in many ways. The involvement of kids in snack preparation, selection of a place, etc are some of the fun ideas that can add fun in a picnic outing. Family picnic means family gathering. Activities like preparing picnic bags with quick snack preparation can be a fun activity for children. Children can get to be in touch with outdoor sports. Visiting historical gardens, farmhouse, zoo, etc. can be some best family picnic spots.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Last weekend we went for a picnic. We selected our ancestral farmhouse for spending the whole day over there. My parents invited my uncle and his family. As the place was fifteen kilometers far away from my place, so we left home in the early morning. We drove to the place in my uncle’s minibus. We carried sandwiches, macaroni, soft drinks and nuts with our self. My aunt brought Pizza and other mouth-watering snacks.

We reached there at 9:00 AM. The mild spring breeze was very pleasant. My mom suggested the poolside field for sitting together. We arranged a food basket over there. We had light spinach and corn sandwich in breakfast.

I took out my badminton and called my cousins. We take a quick tour on the farm; we had yummy pizza at lunch. It was a well-spent day with lots of chit chats and good food. I played a lot and in returning I was recalling the fun day we have spent together.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Picnic with family members is one of the best recreational activities. There is a famous historical place situated outskirts of my city. Last year in December we went for a picnic over there. It was a complete surprise picnic planned by my parents. I and my sister were jumping in joy. We quickly packed our picnic bags. We filled a picnic basket with fruits, crackers, nuts, and Poha. My mother packed homemade Pulao in Casserole for lunch. We left home at 7 in the morning. My father drove us to the place.

We reached within one hour after a quick visit to the historical monuments and nearby museums. We settled down our picnic mat and arranged food items. I and my sister took a handful of grapes and arranged the Ludo board. We four played Ludo, it was fun we all laughed and enjoyed. My sister and I played badminton.

Then we went for visiting a nearby bird park. It was a great experience watching colorful birds tweeting. There was a deer park beside the bird park. We purchased some grams and fed the deers. We had lunch together. Then we went to visit the nearby Monastery. It was 4 PM we packed our food basket and mats and loaded it in our car. While returning, I was thinking about the fun activities we had experienced the whole day.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

The Family picnic allows cherishing the joy of having a family. It is a refreshing outing for both children and elders. My name is Trisha and I am studying in Class 5th, I have a great picnic experience with my family.

Last year I visited a nearby tourist place with my family. It was just two hours away from my home. We packed our food and picnic bags. My parents invited my two aunts and their family for joining us. We booked a mini traveler and left home at 6 in the morning. We reached their at sharp 8:30 AM. We unpacked our food and other kinds of stuff. My aunts were also carrying delicious snacks with them. It was great to meet with cousins. We carried storybooks, ludo boards, chess boards, football, and badminton.

We had a quick breakfast of veggie sandwiches and fresh lemonade. After filling up our hungry tummies we all decided to roam around the nearby fort. I was carrying my binocular, for sightseeing. We visited the fort and visiting the city from the top of the fort was a fabulous experience. We all children were instructed not to go anywhere alone. After returning back from the fort we make echo voices and laughed a lot.

Elders got engaged in their conversation. Mom peeled off the fruits and prepared food salads for us. One of my cousins is a great singer; she was carrying her Guitar we all asked her to sing. We enjoyed her singing. We played dumb charades. Post lunch, my uncle announced a football match between kids and parents. It was amazing that the match was drawn. It was a refreshing picnic. While returning back we all kids were keeping talking about our picnic. Elders promised us to bring us all together in the next picnic.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why we should go to picnic with family?

Ans. Picnic with family can make the strong bonds with family members and allow you spend some time with each other.

Q2. Where can we go for picnic with family?

Ans. We can go to amusement parks and garden with family.

Q3. What activities can we do at a picnic with family?

Ans. We can play games and can dance on favorite songs with family.