Paragraph on Small Family

A small family is a part of society. The needs and responsibilities are less in a small family than a large family. The government always recommends having a small family. It’s a scheme to stop the increasing population. For a better understanding of the topic, we have prepared some of the important paragraphs on small families in the section mentioned below. Kindly check it.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Small Family

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

A small family or nuclear family is an ideal family. It is considered that a small family is a happy family. India is an overpopulated country; here a small family is promoted for the better future of children. Having more than two children is financially not feasible. Population growth obstructs the development of the nation.

Population growth is the reason for unemployment and many other social issues. A small family includes parents and one or two children. The basic amenities and other needs of family members can be easily fulfilled in small families. They are considered an ideal family because of the less financial burden. The government always promotes various schemes that motivate to have a small family.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Small Families are the small social structure of our society. There are many benefits to having a small family. The parents could spend more time with their family and guide them in their good or bad. The Per Capita Income of earning members will be distributed in the right direction.

Parents can give the best life to their children. The living standard of the family will be better than a joint family. Parents can give a happy environment to their children. They can afford good education and other expenses for their children. A small family is good for nation-building. There are many schemes by the government like “Hum Do Hamare Do” for promoting the small family.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Small family requires less cost for maintaining the family expenses. The lesser the people, lesser will be the needs. The head of the family will easily manage all the needs and responsibilities of family members. He breadwinner of the family will feel less burden on his/her shoulders. Children will find a better environment to grow. Parents will fulfill their all needs in a much-managed way.

Children will grow in an environment where they will get space to study. There is not a comparison between small and large family. Both have their own specialties. But practically small families can be managed with ease than large families. Children can feel more connected with their parents in a nuclear family. The gender biases can be seen less in a small family. Everyone shares their good and bad times both in the small families because the lesser number of members more the number of interactions.

Paragraph 5 – 200 Words

A small family is the best family structure for our country. The increasing population is the biggest cause of unemployment and many other challenges. Small families can be a contribution towards our nation’s development. The financial and social scenario of a small family is much better than the joint family.

Earning members can easily fulfill the requirements of their families. It is easy to bear expenses for 2 or 3 members. It is easy to manage a small family. The communication gap is less seen in the small family. People feel more connected to one another in a nuclear family. The loving cost of the small family is lower in comparison to a large family. The education and other expenses of children are low in small families.

In small families, parents are capable to give the best education to their children. Parents can more attention to their children. They can spend time with them and listen to them in their good or bad both. It is observed that the upbringing of children in a nuclear family is much better than the joint family. Children can learn values and morale easily. Family size matters for the financial and economic needs of children.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Small Family is an ideal family structure in our country. There are various advantages of having a small family. A small family is best for mother and child both. Parents can give a good future to their children in a nuclear family. The middle-class society and poor section is more in India. It is always recommended by health experts that small families reduce the risk of mother and child mortality. Small families can afford the best education for their children. Parents can plan trips for their children. The emotional attachment is better in a small family than a large family.

In 1952, the family planning concept came in India. The government urged people to have small families; it was a population control scheme. The government urged people to think about the advantages of having a small family. Indian government promoted the family planning campaign by the “Hum Do Humare Do” slogan. It implies that “We two and Our Two”. For a happily married life, couples should have only two children.

Small Family is the demand of this era. People can easily fulfill their children’s needs in a small family. They can afford their education and many other things efficiently. The population is the root cause of unemployment and many other social issues. In large family parents hardly get money to take care of all the children at a time.

Savings are less than the expenditure due to the burden of responsibilities. Sacrifices and struggles are more in large families. At a point in time children feel the scarcity of resources for their education or for any other need. So it is always said that a small family is a happy family in terms of finances and many other terms.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many people are there in a small family?

Ans. 4 to 5 people are there in a small family.

Q2. What is the other name of a small family?

Ans. The other name of the small family is Nuclear Family.

Q3. In which areas the concept of a small family is common?

Ans. The concept of a small family is common in Urban areas.

Q4. What are the disadvantages of a small family?

Ans. In small families, generally, people don’t find support as big families do.