Paragraph on Road Safety

Road Safety refers to the care and alertness one should follow while using the road. Road Safety involves all the rules and regulations regarding pedestrian and vehicle users on the road. For a better understanding of the readers, we have prepared here some of the well-worded paragraphs highlighting the meaning and importance of road safety.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Road Safety

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Road Safety is the measure for people while using the road. The act for lowering road accidents is called road safety. Every year millions of people across the world died due to road accidents. There are various ethics and terms to be followed while using the road. The Common set of rules made up for pedestrians, cyclists, bike-riders, four-wheelers, etc.

Pedestrians have to follow the special rules established for the paved surface of the road. Motorists, four-wheeler users and other vehicle users have to follow road signal rule. Speed can be dangerous for life; the statement implies that moving vehicles on uncontrollable speed can be a reason for the accident.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Road Safety is the set of terms and conditions for all road users. It is directly related to a safe life. Road Accidents occur due to the irresponsible behavior of people on the road. Road safety rules for vehicles states that:

  • Always stop your vehicle on red lights.
  • Avoid Mobile use while driving.
  • Don’t Cross before the Signal turns green.
  • Always give space to trespassers.
  • Never drive on footbridges and pavements for pedestrians.
  • Wear Helmet while driving two-wheelers.
  • Wear seat belts while driving four-wheelers.
  • Always carry Driving Licence and Important papers of your vehicle while driving.
  • Never drive in the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • Lower Down your speed while crossing Zebra-Crossing.
  • Follow the signboards and instructions specified near hospitals and schools.
  • Don’t ever try to overtake Ambulance or any other Emergency Vehicle.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Road Safety is a preventive measure for road accidents. All over world road accidents are the biggest issue to resolve. Day-by-day the rate of road accidents is increasing. Need for the Road-safety is crucial for surviving various innocent lives. In some cases, it is observed that pedestrians are killed due to the collision of vehicles. From childhood, students are taught to follow the road safety rules. It is one of the moral lessons we all learned in our childhood stage.

Naturally, safety measures should be followed by people while moving on the road. The fast-moving world always tempts for short trick to reach the destination. This tendency of short way leads to drive fast, showing irresponsible behavior while crossing the roads. Universally the Road-Safety rules are taken as one of the important measures for saving lives. In India where the stray animals are openly used to wander on road; they also lost their lives by vehicles.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Road Safety Rules are meant to follow for all road users. Hectic Schedule in daily life demands to move ahead the time. This is the reason why people drive fast and sometimes break traffic rules. But life is important and it is important to follow the traffic rules for the sake of our life. For regularising the habit of traffic rules, the government has implemented various penalty rules for rule-breakers.

One of the reasons why people are getting serious about following traffic rules is the heavy penalty. Every country has certain rules for traffic rules. On Traffic Signals CCTV Cameras are installed for keeping a check on traffic. The population is one of the reasons behind the growing number of vehicles on the road. The more the number of vehicles, only a little space on the road left. Various cities in India implements some specific traffic rules for cutting down the bulk traffic at a time.

Parents should teach their kids about traffic rules at home. The habit of crossing the road silently should be developed in kids. Jumping in the middle of the road should be taught to avoid by parents. Parents should also take care of their kids while on the road. In many cases, it is found that young kids got hurt due to running and jumping habits on the road.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Road Safety rules are made for curbing the chances of Road Accident. Zillions of vehicles move on roads on a regular basis. That is why there should be a set of regulations to be followed while using roads. These rules are not only applied to the vehicles but for the people who walk on the road or do cycling are also need to follow. Road Safety rules are important for various reasons.

There are various road Safety Rules for bikes, cars, trucks, tractors, etc. Driving Licence & Number Plates of the Vehicles are the valid proofs. A vehicle with proper identity acts as a safeguard for moving it on road. Most of the accident cases occur due to the high speed of the vehicle. For cutting down this irresponsible act of driving road Safety rules are setup. The government is implementing various strict rules for vehicles. Drivers should follow signals and signboards near schools, hospitals, and other public places.

Awareness and Road Safety rules are interrelated. If people will be aware of the value of life, then the chances of road accidents will automatically reduce. Following the road safety rules as a citizen of a particular country will be also helpful in reducing the chances of road accidents.

Road Safety rules are also one of the etiquettes which we can include in general life. If we are running out of late, then time management will be helpful. RoaFAQs: Frequently Asked Questionsd Safety rules are necessary for all of us. In Short, road Safety rules are the life-saving discipline to follow on a strict note.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the new law for road safety?

Ans. Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 is the new law for road safety.

Q2. What is the number of road accidents take place in India?

Ans. In 2019, India reported more than 4.3 lakh cases related to road accidents.

Q3. Why we should wear helmet?

Ans. We should wear helmet to protect our head from any injury.

Q4. Why should be drive slow?

Ans. We should drive slow so that we should not meet with any mishappening.