Paragraph on Pollution

Pollution is the term used to define the introduction of unwanted compounds into our natural environment. It is threatening the very existence of life on earth and is also unfortunately caused primarily due to human activities.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Pollution

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Pollution refers to the contamination of the environment by pollutants of various kinds. These pollutants are produced due to human activities. Activities like industrialization; transportation, littering, and improper waste disposal are responsible for pollution of the environment. Pollution can also be classified as noise pollution, light pollution, water pollution, air pollution, etc.

Factories emit toxic fumes as by-products causing air pollution. Vehicles use fossil fuels, which on combustion generate gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO). These gases pollute the air and are also potent greenhouse gases. Littering by humans is also the main cause of environmental pollution.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

When an unwanted foreign substance enters into the environment, the event is termed as pollution. Caused mainly due to human activities, pollution is the main cause of concern for the environment. It not only damages the environment but is also degradable to the health and life of humans and other living species. Air pollution causes serious respiratory ailments in humans.

Another serious form of pollution is water pollution. Water pollution is caused by many factors. The liquid or semi-liquid, potentially toxic waste material emitted in factories is let into the water bodies without treatment. This waste gets mixed with water, making it toxic and harmful to use. Water pollution threatens the existence of aquatic species as well as land species.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Pollution means contamination of the environment by the pollutants generated mainly by human activities. Pollution in its several forms is responsible for taking millions of lives annually. Different forms of pollution are sound pollution, air pollution, light pollution, plastic pollution, soil pollution, thermal pollution, and nuclear pollution.

All these types of pollution are caused due to human activities. Man has been polluting his environment since he first created the fire. Evidence shows soot on the roof of prehistoric caves possibly due to fire.

Human civilization is experiencing pollution since ages. In England, during 1272, King Edward I banned the burning of coal because of the air pollution that it caused.

In 1858, London was facing acute water pollution leading to the construction of the London sewerage system as a remedial measure. The situation worsened after the industrial revolution. As several commercial activities around the globe increase so do the pollution in its various forms.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Everyone today is aware of the word “pollution”. We know that pollution is growing with each passing day. Pollution generally refers to the inclusion of unwanted substances into the environment. Most of these unwanted substances are produced mainly due to human activities. This has initiated an urgent need to tackle the problem of pollution on a war footing.

Pollution sometimes works silently, making it almost impossible to assess its effects unless the situation gets out of hand. Many toxic gases in the air can’t be spotted with naked eyes. Nevertheless, they are very harmful to the health of humans and animals as well.

Water pollution is also the most prominent type of pollution. It causes contamination of water, making it harmful to use. Water is a precious resource and only 3% of the total water on earth is freshwater that we use. This small amount of much needed fresh water when it gets contaminated presents a situation of acute water shortage.

A large amount of flora and fauna depending on the water body is also affected. Plastic is the main reason for water pollution. In the absence of an effective waste management system, plastic of various shapes, sizes, and forms get into our water resources and pollute them.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Pollution is the contamination of the environment by various elements generated due to human activities. There are many forms of pollution with relevant contaminants as described below:

Air Pollution – The release of toxic gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2), Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), etc are responsible for air pollution. Vehicles and industries are the main activities causing air pollution.

Water Pollution – Industrial waste is discharged into water bodies, without treatment. Such waste is rich in a hazardous chemical compound that gets mixed in water, making it poisonous.

Light Pollution – Light pollution is caused due to overuse of light in a particular area, where it is required low or not at all. Light trespass and over-lighting are some of the divisions of light pollution.

To prevent pollution and damage to the environment, strict remedial measures must be taken by the governments as well as by the people. We should avoid using vehicles until it is necessary to do so. Also, vehicles running on alternate, more eco-friendly fuel sources like batteries and solar energy may be used.

This way we will not only save the environment from pollution but also save ourselves from its harmful effects. Pollution widely affects human health and threatens the extinction of many species. It can cause a wide range of problems in humans ranging from respiratory disease, throat inflammation, and chest pain, etc. Every year millions of people die due to pollution and several lands and water species become extinct.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the 4 main forms of pollution?

Ans. Air, water, land and noise pollution are 4 main forms of pollution.

Q2. How pollution in the air is measured?

Ans. Pollution in the air is measured by Air Quality Index (AQI).

Q3. What is the main reason of Pollution?

Ans. Carbon is the main reason of Pollution.

Q4. After which point sound is considered to be polluting?

Ans. After 90 dB (Decibels), noise pollution takes place.