Paragraph on Kindness

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Short and Long Paragraphs on Kindness

Paragraph 1 – (100 Words)

Kindness is a unique attribute. It refers to the thoughtfulness and helpfulness of a living being like a human. Kindness makes people very polite and generous. It is one of the most significant attributes in the World. It is a kind of indication of humanity existing on the Earth.

A kind person is more tend to have friendly behaviour with others around him. An individual who possesses kindness is more respected by society than the others. Cordiality, Courtesy, and mercy are other names of kindness. Everybody can adopt kindness in his behaviour to spread humanity throughout the world.

Paragraph 2 – (120 Words)

Kindness is a must-have attribute for every individual. An act of kindness can make a moment memorable for the life-time. Every person should have an objective of carrying the quality of kindness. Being kind with everyone makes you a better person every time. Your kindness will also help you in your hard times. People will always be ready for your help.

Being unkind to others can satisfy you for a moment, but it may hurt others for a long time. We should never forget that we also need the kindness of others towards us. People often make fun of others inferior to them. It is not right. Being kind to them is the best thing you can give them.

Paragraph 3 – (150 Words)

Kindness is a simple way to connect with people around us. We interact with many people in a day. Most of them are strangers to us. We don’t know them, but we can make them love and respect us. It is possible only through kindness.

Your kindness can make you different from the others. Kindness can put a beautiful smile on other’s faces. Their internal satisfaction is also an appropriate measure of your kindness.

A simple act of kindness can help you with feeling and spreading happiness around you. It can be done by simply praising others. We can praise them for their look, attire, their language, their behaviour, their work, etc.

Being kind does not cost anything instead it provides respect, happiness, and satisfaction. You will also get their love, trust, and support as well. We all need a change, but that change is possible only through kindness.

Paragraph 4 – (200 Words)

Kindness is an influential attitude. It has no definition to explain its importance. Kindness is not only providing physical assistance but also mental support. It is not something to do only on some special occasions, but we can be kind to others every time and everywhere. Our every single act of kindness will count.

Everyone has some problems in his life, and they all need sympathy or kindness of others. A small deed of kindness can help them in reducing their stress level, and also provide them with the strength to bear the pain. Kindness does not require any monetary support. Just sitting and smiling with them will have much positive impact on them.

The receiver as well as the doer, both gets the benefit of kindness in their way. The receiver gets the benefit immediately, but the doer gets its advantage much later, and in an indirect way. We must be kind to people without expecting the same in return.

Also, your kindness should not be objective-based, but it should be without any objective. Something that your kindness will give you instantly is immense joy, inner satisfaction, and hope. Your kindness will also motivate others to be like you.

Paragraph 5 – (250 Words)

Kindness is a wondrous feature that everyone should own. Every single act of kindness is not less than a blessing for everyone. It is like a surprise for the one who receives it. Treating others with kindness and seeing a beautiful smile on their faces brings an inner satisfaction to us. Kindness is such a language that a blind, deaf or dumb can easily understand.

Almost every religious scripture inspires us to be kind to others. No religion is against kindness. One doesn’t need to be kind with only those who are our relatives, friend or one we know. We can be kind to anyone and also to everyone. Our kindness to those we don’t know values more than our kindness to our relatives. Our kindness reveals our character.

Kindness is a very broad term. It comprises humility, compassion, respect, and dignity. Being humble shows your humility, and is the beginning point of kindness. Kindness through words is equally appreciable as through the actions. The word ‘kindness’ may have different definitions worldwide, but the global meaning of them is the same. According to every religious preacher, we must be kind to other living beings, including animals.

Kindness can help you in making a good relationship with others. People who don’t know you will start liking you immediately. Kindness is the best virtue that costs nothing. Even a person with no money and barely a cloth on his body can be kind enough to others. Everyone must hold kindness for others.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why we should be kind to others?

Ans. We should be kind to others to other for the sake of humanity.

Q2. How kindness can be helpful to us?

Ans. If we will be kind to others, they will be kind to us.

Q3. How can we be kind to others?

Ans. We can be kind to others by giving them chance, supporting them in failures and helping them when necessary.

Q4. How a simple gesture can be an act of Kindness?

Ans. Using please, thank you and sorry at an appropriate place can be an act of kindness.