Paragraph on Kabir Das

Saint Kabir Das was a great Saint. He is revered by both Hindu and Muslim communities. For knowing more about the great Saint of India we have created some of the important paragraphs in the below section. Kindly read it.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Sant Kabir Das

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Saint Kabir Das was a great poet and spiritual leader of India. He was born in 1440 in Varanasi, as per historical sources it is believed that he was born in the family of weaver couple Neeru and Neema. He lived around the 15th Century. He brought a renaissance in Spiritual or Bhakti Movement development.

He is a most revered saint not only in Hinduism but Islam and Sikhism too. The word ‘Kabir’ means great in Islam. His verses are found in Guru Granth Sahib. He spent his early years in a Muslim family. He was highly influenced by his teacher, Saint Ramananda.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Kabir Das was a spiritual poet, who is solely credited for the development of the Bhakti Movement in Hinduism. He is also respected by Islam and Sikh community. Interestingly, the great Saint Kabir Das Ji is acclaimed by both Hindu and Muslim communities on religious beliefs. But, it is said that Saint Kabir Das was fond of both religions and he used to wear sacred threads of both communities.

He got his spiritual training from Guru Ramananda. It was considered that Kabir Das Ji was brought up by a Muslim Family. He was cared for by the Weaver couple in Lahartara, Varanasi. The weaver couple very lovingly adapted the newborn Kabir Das and trained his in their family weaver business.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Kabir Das is a great saint of India. The Kabir Panth Community worship his ideologies. The Kabir Panth followers are called Kabir Panthis and in northern India, there are huge followers of Kabir Das. Kabir Das Ji was brought up by a weaver poor family. He has written Dohas and Dohavali. Some of his famous writings are Brijak, Kabir Granthawali, Anurag Sagar, Sakshi Granth, etc. He met his Guru on the bank of river Ganges. Under his guidance, he devoted himself to spirituality.

His Dohas are considered as one of the most pious writings. The wordings of each Doha is based on the social and spiritual path. People worship him as the spiritual Guru. The Kabir Panthis are religious sects, they devout themselves in the prayers and worship. It is said that still, Kabir Das Ji’s family is living in Lahartara Varanasi. There is a Kabir Monastery established in the memory of Saint Das in Kabir Chaura, Varanasi and in Lahartara, Varanasi.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Kabir Das was a highly respected saint and spiritual mentor in India. His writings are considered moral and social lessons of every age group. Kabir Das Ji was a supporter of the concept of “Jivatma” and “Parmatma”. He emphasized the universal path of faith for both Hindu and Muslim followers. As per his sayings, every life dwelling on earth has a relationship with two principals i.e. Jivatma and Parmatma. He said that Moksha can be achieved when these two principles will unite.

His famous Brijak is a collection of poems that are based on the view of spirituality. He always talked about the oneness of God. His philosophies were written in simple Hindi vernacular language. His philosophies were based on the Bhakti Marg and that were very similar to the Sufism.

He never attended school and never got an education but irrespective of that he was a master of Avadh, Brij, and Bhojpuri. His Dohas and Poems were written in a mixture of all these languages. His concise and simple writing technique was easily grabbed by all. His Dohas are part of the Academic syllabus in school and college level. It is none other than his legacy that influenced several people to follow his ideologies.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Saint Kabir Das was a historical poet. His legacy still continues, people follow his ideologies. He is worshipped by Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh communities. His concept of the oneness of God-inspired thousands of people. The scholars and Kabir Panthis followed his philosophies and study the concept of spirituality shown by him. Saint Kabir Das’s poems and Dohas are translated into several languages.

Banis is the poetic language of Kabir Panthis. His poems are divided into three major categories i.e. Dohas, Sakhi, and Shlok. Sakhi is the highest and supreme truth. Saint Kabir Das has been credited for Bhakti and Sufi Movement in India. He always believed in equality in all sections of society. He always supports the oneness of God. He said that irrespective of our religious differences, the supreme power is one for all. Kabir Das’ property in Kabir Chaura, Varanasi is renamed as Neeru Tila.

The Kabir Das Poems were translated into English by Rabindra Nath Tagore. Saint Kabir’s legacy is carried forward by Kabir Panthis. The Kabir Panthis Community has founded thousands of years ago after the demise of Saint Kabir Das. Kabir Das Ji said Truth is the Ram, the person who is beloved as Maryada Purshottam and one who is detached from the materialistic world. It is said that there are approx 9.6 Million Kabir Panthis. They are dispersed in the northern part of India. Let’s have a look at one of Kabir Das’s Granthavali translated by Charlotte Vaudeville:

“Reading a book after book the whole world died, and none ever became learned!

But understanding the root matter is what made them gain the knowledge!”

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When was Kabir Das born?

Ans. Kabir Das was born in the 15th Century.

Q2. Where Kabir Das was born?

Ans. Kabir Das was born in Varanasi.

Q3. What is the most famous work of Kabir Das?

Ans. Kabir Das’ most famous work was Kabir Ke Dohe.

Q4. Which movement was influenced by the writings of Kabir Das?

Ans. The Bhakti movement was influenced by the writings of Kabir Das.