Paragraph on Kabir Das Jayanti

Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated in the memory of mystical poet Kabir Das. People celebrate this event with zeal and joy. Every Year a huge number of people come to Varanasi to show their love and respect towards Saint Kabir Das and celebrate his Jayanti will great enthusiasm. Various events are observed on this day. We have created some of the important paragraphs on Kabir Das Jayanti in the section mentioned below. Kindly read it:

Short and Long Paragraphs on Sant Kabir Das Jayanti

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Kabir Das Jayanti is annually commemorated in June. It marks the birth anniversary of Saint Shri Kabir Das. He was a famous poet and spiritual leader of India. His followers religiously celebrate Kabir Das Jayanti. As per Hindu Panchang, Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day of Jyeshta month.

It is said that he has appeared on earth and some said that he was founded on the stairs of River Ganges. He was raised up by a poor weaver family. The couple heartily adopted him and trained him to their family weaving business.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Kabir Das Jayanti is commemorated for paying respect towards the great Indian poet and saint Shri Kabir Das. It is also known as Kabir Prakat Divas. As per sources Kabir Das Ji was born in 1398 A.D. in Varanasi. However, some sources say that he had appeared on earth like other famous souls. He was brought up by the Muslim parents and his mentor was great Saint Ramanand.

He was highly influenced by him and he wrote several poems and Dohe. His writings creations bring a Bhakti Movement in India. He always said about the oneness of God. He said that he is a Hindu and Muslim both and there is only one god we should keep faith on.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Saint Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated for paying tribute towards most revered Saint Kabir Das. Every year in the month of Jyeshtha, Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated. Following are the events that are observed on Kabir Das Jayanti:

On the eve of Jayanti, Kabir Panthis remember their teachings and couplets. Bhandara events are organized by Kabir Panthis for needy and poor ones. Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated by offerings garlands to Kabir Das Ji's idol. People involve themselves in Bhajan and Kirtan events.

Kabir Panthis organize singing and bhajan events and came out with procession. The Kabir monastery is also decorated by flowers and flags on the eve of Kabir Das Jayanti. Social Work programmes and campaigns are also organized by Kabir Panthis. Devotees visit the Kabir monastery and also take part in the Bhajan Kirtan events at the monastery. Every year the glimpses of Kabir Das Jayanti celebration are observed across the nation.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated every year with zeal. He was a famous and spiritual saint of India. He is credited for bringing Bhakti Movement in India. He is said as the social reformer too.

His concept of equality was influenced by his disciples. After his demise, his disciples started celebrating his birth anniversary as Kabir Das Jayanti.

However, the exact year and date of his birth is always a disputable issue. But generally, it is considered that Saint Kabir Das Ji was born in 1398 A.D. He was raised by a Muslim couple. On the eve of his Jayanti, his followers organize special Bhandara and Bhajan events. Across the nation, people remind his Dohe and pay tribute to him. In the Kabir monastery, devotees pay their tribute to Shri Kabir Das and offer garlands to his image. People feed the poor and needy ones.

Satsang programmes are organized. People organize Doha Paath events. Kabir's followers from across the nation come to participate in the religious events at Varanasi. Kabir Dads Jayanti is an auspicious occasion for Kabir followers; they remember the path of living shown by Saint Kabir Das. The Dohawali programmes also one of the famous programme organized on the sacred occasion of Kabir Das Jayanti.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Saint Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated with enthusiasm across India. The Kabir Panth followers take part in the celebration events. Kabir Das Ji was always supported the oneness of God. Kabir Das Ji spent most of the time in his family business. His thoughts were the same for both Hindu and Muslim communities. He is worshipped by both communities.

He said that he is a Hindu and Muslim both. On his Jayanti, Various celebrations events are organized at his native place Varanasi. Special Bhandara events are organized for needy and poor ones. His Guru Ramanand gave his name, Kabir Das. He followed the path of his Guru and he developed the Bhakti Marg movement in India.

Significance of the fest:

Saint Kabir Das was the mystical poet who always believed in the oneness of God. His ideologies of Jivatma, Parmatma, and Moksha persuaded many people. The legacy of Saint Kabir Das is carried out by his followers. As per the recent sources, Approx. 8.6 Million people religiously follow Kabir Panth. The Kabir Das Jayanti is one of the most revered days for Kabir Panthis.

On this day the thoughts of Saint Kabir Das are remembered. He was not only revered in Hinduism but in Muslim and Sikh communities he has a special place. The famous holy scripture of Sikhism Shri Guru Granth Sahib has some verses of Saint Kabir Das’s saying. In 2020, on the 5th of June Kabir Das Jayanti was celebrated.