Sanchayika Day

Sanchayika Day is such an event for the schooling children to get into the habit of saving money into them. The event is celebrated annually on the 15th of September in India. The Sanchayika Day or Sanchayika Diwas is also known as the School Banking Day in entire India. Sanchayika Day is an important annual observation in India. The word ‘Sanchayika’ stands for ‘saving’ so Sanchayika Day is dedicated to teaching people to save money.

Sanchayika Day 2020

Sanchayika Day in the year 2020 will be observed on Tuesday. Since there is a huge spread of the CORONA pandemic this year, there would certainly have some negative impact on the observation of the occasion. Now, it is a thing to see how people are going to observe this occasion in such a critical time.


Despite a number of researches, we failed to fetch the information about how Sanchayika Day started to be celebrated in India. You should keep visiting this site because we will update the information as soon as we find any information related to it.


Sanchayika Day or Sanchayika Diwas is celebrated equally across the nation. Though it is a celebration for the children of the nation, the role of parents and teachers is equally important.

The first and the most important thing to remember when celebrating the occasion is that our activities should be inspired by the theme of the day. As we know that Sanchayika Day is a day for saving money, so we all should adopt the habit of saving for the future. This habit will certainly put you in profit someday.

It is our responsibility to teach our younger how to save money. Being economical is good for everyone, and children need our guidance in this matter.

We can promote the habit of saving among the people of our society, offices, workplaces or any other place including our relatives. Also, we can use various social media platforms to educate people about being economical and saving for the future.

Objectives and Significance

Though the celebration of Sanchayika Day should not be questioned, it is important for us to know why we celebrate Sanchayika Day and what the benefits are of celebrating the event.

By observing Sanchayika Day, we install a habit of saving among people, especially among children who are in the early stage of their life. Saving is among good habit, and it will surely help them in any situation. To promote the day and the habit, the Government of India has also provided the facility of banking for children called Sanchayika Bank.

This is the day when children can learn about the essential banking operations that are useful and important for them. The children can open their savings bank accounts in Sanchayika Banks as an effort to instill the habit of saving among children.

Sanchayika Bank

The Sanchayika Banks is an initiative by the Government of India in order to make the children understand the basic banking operations and learn the benefits of saving money. The Sanchayika Banks are called the banking by students for students under which children can open their saving bank account in their Schools.


All the students of schools learning from class 8th to class 12th are eligible to save their money in Sanchayika Banks if they want. For it, it is important that the School should have registered for the Sanchayika Bank Services in the Post Office.


Because of promoting the habit of saving among children on Sanchayika Day, the great event is also known as the ‘School Day’. Because of Sanchayika Day, many children have adopted the habit of saving and made it their regular activity.