Quami Ekta Week

Quami Ekta Week is an important event celebrated once a year in India. All Indians celebrate it with love and harmony every year from 19 November to 25 November. These are a week-long event, during which different events related to specific topics are organized each day. This is done to awaken the spirit of equality, brotherhood, and social welfare among all Indians. Quami Ekta Week is also known as the Communal Unity Week in India, and people from every corner of the nation observe it with integrity.

Quami Ekta Week 2022

Quami Ekta Week celebration in the year 2022 will start from 19 November, Saturday and end on 25 November, Friday. The week-long observation has increased its importance day by day as the nation needs unity today much more than it needed yesterday. The Government of India has tried its best to maintain peace and harmony and grow communal unity and integrity among Indians, in such a situation, it would be interesting to see what new is going to happen this year’s celebration.

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Themes of Quami Ekta Week 2022

Day wise themes for the whole week celebration of Quami Ekta Week 2022 is “National Integration Day”, “Minority Welfare Day”, “Linguistic Harmony Day”, “Day for the Weaker Sections of Society”, “Cultural Unity Day”, “Women’s Day” and “Conservation Day”. Quami Ekta Week 2022 celebration will focus on the rashtriya ekta, welfare of the minorities, linguistic harmony, welfare of weaker sections, cultural unity, women welfare and conservation of natural resources to spread more awareness about all of them among people of the Indian society.

History of Quami Ekta Week

The Quami Ekta Week in India is being observed for a long from the history of the nation. The reason behind observing this occasion is associated with a great personality from the political society of India.

19th of November is the birth anniversary of Late Indira Gandhi. She was the 3rd Prime Minister and 1st female Prime Minister of the Republic of India. She had received the mastery in politics from her father and the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

In honour of such a great personality, who had led India on the path of development during her tenure, we observe the Quami Ekta Week starting from her birth date, the 19th of November. During the entire week, we observe each day with a different objective to maintain social peace and brotherhood and remove enmity.

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Seven Days of Quami Ekta Week

The seven days of Quami Ekta Week are observed with different titles but the same objective. Each day of Quami Ekta Week has much importance for every Indian, belonging to any religion, community, or state. We have listed below the days of Quami Ekta Week.

  • 19th November – The 19th of November and the first day of Quami Ekta Week is observed as the ‘National Integration Day’ in the whole nation. This is the day to make people learn the value of unity and maintain it in their society.
  • 20th November – The second day of Quami Ekta Week is the ‘Welfare of Minorities Day’. It is dedicated to the upliftment of minorities and socially underprivileged people so that there can be equality maintained.
  • 21st November – The third day of Quami Ekta Week is ‘Linguistic Harmony Day’. On this day, the work is done to promote the regional languages of India which reflect our culture and civilization.
  • 22nd November – ‘Weaker Section Day’ falls on the fourth day of Quami Ekta Week when the entire nation works on the progress of SC, ST, and other weaker sections so that they can experience their importance in every national matter and live with their rights.
  • 23rd November – The fifth day of Quami Ekta Week is observed as the ‘Cultural Unity Day’. As the name suggests, it is a day to promote the cultural unity of India. Since a variety of cultures can be seen in India which is also called the specialty of our nation, so promoting our cultural unity can benefit the nation in many ways.
  • 24th November – One and very important ‘Women’s Day’ is observed on the 6th day of Quami Ekta Week. We all know that Women’s Day gives women a chance to express their thoughts and emotions and show their skills to the world so that they can prove that they are not made to stand behind men.
  • 25th November – The last day of Quami Ekta Week focuses on the most important that not the only nation but the world needs to work on it. It is observed as the ‘Conservation Day’ when lots are efforts are made to teach people the importance of natural resources we have and how to conserve them.

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Activities/Celebration of Quami Ekta Week

Various activities are held throughout the entire Quami Ekta Week, and all of them are designed to meet the requirements of the event to be celebrated on the day.

During the celebrations of Quami Ekta Week, various programs related to specific topics are organized every day. There are some programs like meetings, seminars, cultural activities, etc. The theme of this ceremony is to highlight the issues of national unity or communal unity, secularism, non-violence, linguistic harmony, anti-communalism, cultural unity, development, and prosperity of weaker sections, women, and protection of minorities. The week’s festivities begin with a pledge of national unity.

A pledge to preserve and strengthen India’s independence and honesty is taken during the National Integration Ceremony. It is decided in the pledge that non-violence, peace, and faith will be continued to settle disputes of language, culture, religion, region, and political objections along with all kinds of differences.

A cycle rally is organized by the Government at the beginning of the Quami Ekta Week. The purpose of the entire week’s function is to spread the feeling of integrity, love, harmony, and brotherhood among people of different cultures throughout India. Students from various schools from across the country and volunteers from NGOs participate in these bicycle rallies.

During the complete celebration, various programs such as seminars, speeches, and dramas are organized in schools, government offices, and institutes under Quami Ekta Week. Through them, people express their views about the present scenario of unity and integrity of the country. Along with this, they also discuss the things that can be done for the development of the nation with equilibrium in society.

Objectives and Significance of Quami Ekta Week

Quami Ekta Week is celebrated to promote communal harmony across the country. It mainly works to strengthen the spirit of national unity, increase communal harmony, and enhance the values of liberality and secularism to the country. As we know that our country is full of diversities and people of different languages, religions, castes, and sects live here, so it is very important that we have a sense of unity and intimacy and we live with brotherhood and peace together.

Quami Ekta Week shares the message of unity in the diversity that is the specialty and the identity of our country. Along with this, keep working to maintain unity and integrity among the people of the nation is the message that every single activity held on the day conveys.

This festival of Quami Ekta week is very important for us. This festival not only works to increase goodwill among all sects but also enhances the spirit of brotherhood and unity. This event works to bring together the various castes, religions, and sects of our country, because we are one and the same, apart from each other, and our real identity is our nationality. This is the reason why the week of Quami unity is so important for us, and we should celebrate it in a grand way.


Qaumi or Quami Ekta Week is such an occasion that removes the regional, religious, communal, and other such boundaries between us. Since we are a part of our society, we all should be ready to participate in every activity to be held on the day. Our participation is very important to make the event successful. Now it depends on whether we are a responsible Indian or not.