Legal Service Day

Legal Services Day is observed to provide legal rights to weaker and lower class people in India and make them aware of their rights in society. The people in India observe it on the 9th of November every year.

For this, the Government has also constituted the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) whose main function is to provide free legal services to the weaker sections of the society and to organize Lok Adalats (Public Courts) for the amicable settlement of disputes.

Legal Service Day 2022

Legal Service Day 2022 was observed on Wednesday, 9th November. Awareness camps were organized on this day to make people aware about the availability of free legal aids provided by the authorities/institutions established especially to help weaker sections of the society.


Legal Service Day is an event associated with law in India and protecting the rights of the Indian citizens. Seeing the need for legal aids for the people belonging to the minority, people demanded the Legal Service Authority Act which was passed by the Government of India on 11 October 1987 and became the Legal Service Authority Act 1987.

The Legal Service Authority Act came into force from the 9th of November 1995. Since then, the entire nation observes 9 November as the Legal Service Day onward. It belongs to the people of all states and Union Territories in India, whether they are urban or rural. The observation is held on various levels as State, district, taluka, and village, etc.


Legal Service Day is celebrated with great interest all over India. On this day, people are made aware of their rights and duties, for which newspaper, TV, radio, social media platforms and other mediums are used.

Organizing Lok Adalats (Public Courts) in various parts of the nation and providing free, safe, and legal justice to the people of the nation is the main observation to be held on the day. Also, there are various camps, seminars, and other programmes held by many public and private sector organizations, NGOs, and other institutions. These are done to raise awareness among people.

Throughout the entire observation, the main focus remains on the weaker section of society, underprivileged, Women, disabled people, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and victims of human trafficking, etc. These are the foundation of our society, and it is important for them to stay strong.

Objectives and Significance

Through Legal Service Day, the government works to spread awareness to ensure an appropriate and fair justice process for all citizens. This day holds the most important for those people of our society who are unknown for their constitutional rights even today. On this day, they get a chance to recognize their existence.

There are many backward classes in our country who are denied social and public facilities. For such people, this day is very helpful in making them equal in society. Even, they are far from fair justice and legal processes. By providing them with easy and convenient justice, the Government works to connect them with the judiciary without much effort and strong as well.

The National Legal Service Authority

The National Legal Service Authority is a government body and responsible for observing the Legal Service Day in India by launching various campaigns and other programmes like Lok Adalats.

The NLSA was established in the year 1987 through the Legal Service Authority Act 1987. It was made to work on the upliftment of the weaker section of the society like women, handicapped, SC, ST and others. The Chief Justice of India works as the Patron-in-Chief of the authority. Its head office is established in New Delhi, but it has the responsibility to manage the matters in every state in Union Territory of India.

The Legal Service Authority came into the act from 9 November 1995 but was actually constituted on 5 December 1995. The authority provides legal services to SC, ST, victim of any kind of trafficking, woman, physically and mentally challenged person, and similarly others.

Problems that Weaker Section Faces

The weaker, lower, and working-class are seen as very inferior in Indian society. They have to go through many circumstances throughout their lives. Legal Service Day has been established for their upliftment.

The first and foremost problem that they go through is discrimination and subordination. They are kept away from all the social benefits and are held as a slave. Sometimes, many generations of a person become victims of slavery of an individual.

There is a line of status that separates society into two groups. The lower group is called untouchables, and people in that group are prohibited to enter the places where people with higher standard live. It causes mental torture and forces them to live in the scarcity of the resources.

There are many educational institutions and also workplaces that deter them to learn or to work. Though this problem is ending from society, and the government has set many rules for it. Even they are also provided with the reservation.

Women in Indian society are considered to be inferior to men. Our society is patriarchal and women can do anything only after the approval of their husbands. They are not the master of the family, and they also don’t give their opinions on important matters. This is injustice and intolerance for us.

Physically and mentally disabled people in India fight to get fair justice and are unaware of the legal processes. This discrimination keeps them untouched with the opportunities to show their skills.


India can be a powerful nation only when the people living here are well-versed with the powers they adhere and the rights that the constitution of India grants them. Through National Legal Service Day, the government tried to work in this field. It is not a duty of the government only, we all should also try to spread awareness among people so that we can get the best result. Only fighting together can bring a chance for rising together.