International Olympic Day

The International Olympic Day is celebrated annually on the 23rd of June in the entire world. It is a global event to promote games and sports for the current generation. Playing a variety of games and sports comes with a lot of benefits for us, and the reason behind celebrating this event is to make people adopt it in their regular lifestyle. The International Olympic Day is one of the important global celebrations of the year in which the entire world participates actively.

International Olympic Day 2020

The last celebration of International Olympic Day had held on the 23rd of June 2020. It was Monday, and the entire world was waiting eagerly for the day. The International Olympic Day is not less than a festival for the fans of the Olympic Games. It is observed to promote games and sports and make everybody have their benefits.


The history of International Olympic Day is associated with the origin of the Olympic Games. The International Committee which is responsible for organising Olympic Games had instituted on 23 June 1894 to revive and promote sports on the global level. The formation of the International Olympic Committee and organizing the Olympic Games was inspired by the ancient Olympic Games of 8th Century BCE.

After 53 years of the establishment of the International Olympic Committee, Doctor Gruss presented a bill to observe the International Olympic Day every year. In the 42nd session of the International Olympic Committee in 1946, the committee decided to observe it annually on 23 June. Since then, the world is celebrating International Olympic Day every year on the prescribed date to promote sports for physical and mental health.

Celebration/Activities Performed

Although the Olympic Games had introduced much earlier in the history of the world, they were not in vogue. There has been much improvement in the interest of people for the organisation of these Olympic Games. It has made people celebrate the International Olympic Day on a grand level.

The International Olympic Committee, which is the governing body of the Olympic Games, is responsible for organising various kinds of activities on the day of the event. The committee sponsors many physical activities for the people belonging to different age groups, like children, adults, and old people. These activities include a marathon, sports, and others.

The National Olympic Committees also organise many programmes like Sports, cultural programmes, educational activities, awareness programmes, and other curriculum activities. The International Olympic Committee also held meetings with some prominent Olympic players to discuss how they can improve the format of the game and it can be made for all the people. They also discuss the participation of physically challenged people in the game and its availability for the economically poor people.

International Olympic Day Celebration in India

Following the celebration of International Olympic Day and increasing popularity for the Olympic Games in people, a national committee for Olympics was established in India under the guidance of Sir Dorabji Tata in the year 1927. It was named ‘Indian Olympic Association’ which controls all the Olympic activities in India.

The Indian Olympic Committee and its members sponsor different kinds of cultural and regional programmes and held sport events for all types of people. Male or female, young or old, physically fit or challenged, all kinds of people participate in these programmes and work on promoting the Olympic Games on the national and international levels. The International Olympic Day is the grandest event of the year for the Olympiads from all around the world.

Objectives and Significance

The Olympic Games are based on the values of support, competitiveness, friendship, respect, and pride and the celebration of International Olympic Day has an objective of promoting these values on the global level.

By observing the International Olympic Day on the International level, it is ensured that the people from every corner of the world are well familiar with the format and concept of the Olympic Games. It also works on raising awareness among people for sports so that they can have its physical benefits. Olympic is the game of co-operation, brotherhood, and peace, and by celebrating the day, the committee wants to spread these on the global standard.

International Olympic Committee

The International Olympic Committee is a non-profit and non-government organisation, responsible for conducting the Olympic Games in all the formats and both the seasons. The committee was formed on 23 June 1894. It functions from its headquarter situated at Lausanne in Switzerland. The International Olympic Committee was formed by Pierre de Coubertin, and the committee is the governing body of the Olympic Games. There are many National Olympic Committee formed by many nations with a co-operation of the International Olympic Committee in order to manage activities related to the Olympic Games on the national level.

The International Olympic Committee conducts marketing programmes to generate revenue. Around 90 to 95% of this income is used in the various sporting events related to Olympic. The International Olympic Committee is an independent body which conducts all the operations and takes all the major decisions of the Olympics Games.

Olympic Day Run

The Olympic Day Run is a weekly event to be observed from 17 June to 24 June in all over the world. The Olympic Day Run is organised by the International Olympic Committee with the co-operation of the National Olympic Committee.

The International Olympic Day Run is organised keeping in mind men, women, young old, etc. The objective behind organising the Olympic Day Run is to spread brotherhood and share a message of unity and integrity among people. By organising the event, there is also worked on promoting sports.

The first Olympic Day Run was held in the year 1987 when there was a run conducted for about 10 km. Apart from the run, there is also organised an exhibition, seminars, and other educational awareness campaigns.


The International Olympic Day is organised every year to promote sports and fitness activities. This is an important event of the global calendar which seeks the attention of the people of all the generations. Since sports are very important for us, so important is the celebration of the International Olympic Day.