All Saints Day

All Saints Day is an annual observation for the Christian churches. It is observed on the 1st of November in the honour of the saints and the angels, especially in Christianity. This event is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm, but it has more influence in western countries, not in countries like India. People associated with the religion of Christianity and other of its branches observe this festival with great pomp and waits for it much eagerly throughout the year.

All Saints Day 2022

All Saints Day 2022 was celebrated on 1st of November, Tuesday this year.


All Saints Day is a global event that has been celebrated since ancient times. There is still a lack of information about how the observation of the event has started.

The Eastern Churches, in dated long back to the history of the world, used to observe the All Saints Day on 13 May. On the day, they had a feast and paid the tribute to the martyrs. The custom of paying tribute to the martyrs was started by remembering the Virgin Mary and other devoted persons. Some data during the reign of Pope Gregory III suggest that All Saints Day in later days was started to be celebrated on 1 November but it is still unknown how the date changed from 13 May to 1 November.

All Saints Day was also celebrated with the name of All Hallows in many parts of the world, especially in England. The day before All Saints Day is famous as Halloween.


All Saints Day is one of the most important annual celebrations for the people belonging to Christianity. It is a national holiday in many parts of the world. The ‘Halloweens’, which is observed on the evening of 31st October, is celebrated all around the globe, with enthusiasm and brotherhood.

On All Saints Day, people visit their nearby churches and pay tribute to the soldiers and martyrs. They also pay tribute to their family members who have died and pray for the peace of their souls. People visit the grave of their relatives and mourn remembering them.

There is a strange custom to be followed on the day around the world. The children are asked to play near the graves of their family members withholding the burning and melted candles. These melted candles should be made sphere in shape. It symbolizes that the person who has died is resting with peace. It is considered to be very sacred and important.

Objectives and Significance

All Saints Day is a very sacred observation for the Roman Catholic Churches. Saints have the most importance on this day as they are considered to be highest among us. This is the day to pay reverence to the Saints from the world whether they belong to Christianity or not

The day is also to remember and pay respect to those who have died. From the busy routine of our daily life, it is the day that gives us a chance to think for our ancestors from whom we have got such a legacy and a meaningful life. Offering flowers on the graves of the people makes our youngsters know about their previous generations, and they learn to respect their elders. Through it, they also become supportive and inspire others to behave in the same manner.

All Saints Day also gives us a chance to the people to stand together and pray for their beloved ones. Gathering of family members also provides an opportunity to meet each other and share their opinions.

All Saints Day in other Countries

Since Christianity exists all over the world, All Saints Day is observed in most of the countries with different dates. Some of them are as follows:

  • People living in the Netherlands observe on the first Sunday of November.
  • Finland celebrated All Saints Day on the first Saturday of November.
  • People of Sweden also observe the event on the first Saturday of November.
  • East Syriac Tradition observes All Saints Day on the first Friday.
  • In France, the event is observed with the name ‘La Toussaint’.
  • ‘Toussaint’ or ‘Allerheiligen’ is the name of All Saints Day in Belgium.
  • Portugal identifies All Saints Day with the name of ‘Dia de Todos os Santos’.
  • All Saints Day is ‘The Day of the Dead’ in Mexico.
  • Ireland observes All Saints Day on 20 April.


All Saints Day is a very famous observation that connects people from their parents and ancestors who have died but still are alive in their heart through the observation, it is ensured that they have not forgotten them and miss them always. This event is also known as the ‘Solemnity of All Souls’ in many parts of the world. Some people confuse with All Souls Day which falls on the 2nd of November, the next day of All Saints Day.