Non-coordinate Adjective


We can define it as, “Non-coordinate adjectives are adjectives used to modify the same noun but do not need to be separated through comma”.


Non-coordinate adjectives should not be separated through comma as they are not equal. One adjective takes precedence over the other non-coordinate adjective.

For example:

  • She drives a blue metal bicycle. (In this sentence, we do not need to use a comma between ‘blue’ and ‘metal’ and cannot change their places because we would not say as “a metal blue car” or “a blue and metal car”.)

According to the rule of thumb, adjectives of size come first and then adjectives of age, color, and material.

Commas are used to separate two or more coordinate adjectives describing the same noun. However, while using non-coordinate adjectives, we should be sure to never add comma between the adjectives.

Coordinate adjectives become equal in status while describing the noun. If we use ‘comma’ or ‘and’ between non-coordinate adjectives or change their order (sequence), the sentence will make no sense.

  • They study in a nearest small school. (sentence make sense)
  • They study in a nearest, small school. (sentence does not make sense)
  • They study in a small, nearest school. (sentence does not make sense)
  • She often wore a red cotton cloth. (sentence make sense)

Examples and Use

Following are some examples showing the use of non-coordinate adjectives in the sentence:

  • He has given two black shirts in the laundry.
  • I have a big brown
  • I have two pair sports shoe.
  • I have a big ugly
  • She wore a nice red
  • She brought fresh fruits in lunch box.
  • I have two old
  • She has taken my two science

Exercises for you

Non-coordinate adjective exercises given below will help you in analyzing your knowledge about non-coordinate adjective. Just go through all the details given above about the non-coordinate adjective and check your skill by doing following exercises for non-coordinate adjective.

We have used non-coordinate adjectives in the following sentences; you need to check your skill by identifying whether non-coordinate adjectives are used properly in each sentence or not:

  1. She drives a red iron cycle.
  2. They study in a big, reputed school.
  3. She often wore a blue cotton saree.
  4. He has bought two, black shirts from the market.
  5. I have a big brown umbrella.
  6. I have two, pair shocks.
  7. I have a big ugly Mickey mouse.
  8. She wore a dull, brown t-shirt.
  9. She brought fresh green vegetables in lunch box.
  10. I have two pair, old sports shoes.
  11. She has taken two art books from library.
  12. I walked bare foot over long, zigzag road.

Answers: 1 – correct, 2 – incorrect, 3 – correct, 4 – incorrect, 5 – correct, 6 – incorrect, 7 – correct, 8 – incorrect, 9 – correct, 10 – incorrect, 11 – correct, 12 – incorrect.

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