Demonstrative Adjective


“Demonstrative adjectives are adjectives that are used to modify a noun so that we know which specific person, place, or thing is mentioned.”


Demonstrative adjectives are used to modify the noun to give information about specific person, place, or thing mentioned in the sentence. Such adjectives have special and simple function used to indicate a noun and placed in the close proximity of that noun in a sentence.

They help us to know which noun we are talking about in the sentence. ‘This’ and ‘these’ are used to indicate the object nearer to the speaker whereas ‘that’ and ‘Those’ are used to indicate something away from the speaker.

It is always followed by the noun in the sentence. We can use them to emphasize the object we are talking about such as:

  • Those pies were delicious!
  • That cat was very cute.
  • This bat is not mine.
  • These books are very interesting.

List of Demonstrative Adjective

Following are the common demonstrative adjectives:

  • Primary singular form: this, that, yonder, yon, former, latter, etc.
  • Plural demonstrative adjectives: these, those, etc.

Examples of Demonstrative Adjective/Use of Demonstrative Adjectives in the Sentence

Here are some examples of demonstrative adjectives and their use in the sentence:

  • These shirts fit me very well.
  • Those jeans are very expensive.
  • The former CEO of my company was Mr. Rogers.
  • The latter option is good but costly.
  • This is the best friend of mine.
  • That dog is really sick and need care.
  • This uniform I’m wearing is very neat and clean.
  • That plane has to be landed one hour later.
  • These clothes smell very dirty.
  • This bag is full of eating materials for the long trip.
  • Those shoes are very beautiful but too big for my feet.
  • I have returned those books back to the library.

Differences between Demonstrative Adjectives and Demonstrative Pronouns

Following are some differences between demonstrative adjectives and demonstrative pronouns:

Demonstrative adjectives are used to modify noun, such as:

  • This sweet is delicious.
  • I hate those fruits.
  • Give me that pen.

Demonstrative pronouns (known as independent demonstratives) stand on their own by replacing the noun, such as:

  • This is tasty.
  • I like those.
  • This pen is mine; that is yours.
  • This is very cold.
  • Can you see this?
  • These smell bad.
  • Can you approach those?

Demonstrative pronouns are used to point out specific people or things; however, they do not modify nouns like demonstrative adjectives.

Exercises for you

Demonstrative adjective exercises given below will help you in analyzing your knowledge about demonstrative adjective. Just go through all the details given above about the demonstrative adjective and check your skill by doing following exercises for demonstrative adjective.

We have used demonstrative adjectives in the following sentences; you need to check your skill by identifying demonstrative adjective in each sentence:

  1. Can you see those colors in the sky?
  2. That night was very stormy and dreadful.
  3. Those computers are very old however these computers are new ones.
  4. That movie was very interesting however full of much suspense.
  5. This cake is tasty and funny.
  6. This milk glass here is mine, but that one is yours.
  7. These books are historical, but those over there are interesting.
  8. I can eat all of those sweets.
  9. I found this earring in your bedroom.
  10. These pens are very costly.
  11. These cupcakes are delicious but I cannot eat more.
  12. I have all these contracts of making government building.
  13. All these pictures are captured by me in India.
  14. Those mountains look very attractive.
  15. I think that panther is back in the village.
  16. I can make those delicious cookies again.
  17. I like this cat with the black stripes, not that one with the black spots.
  18. I like this brown hat with the plaid, and not that red one with the brim.
  19. What do you think about this dish?
  20. Those toys have to be distributed among poor people.
  21. That man really loves the historical books.
  22. These apples are ready to dispatch.
  23. That store is having a big offer on books.
  24. Those farmers are working hard for organic vegetables.
  25. These friends of mine are very disciplined and punctual.
  26. Make sure to buy those dolls having fairy sticks.
  27. I have written these songs.
  28. Make sure those girls have not left their purses.
  29. That movie, I saw yesterday, was very realistic.
  30. Those shoes are not very comfortable.
  31. Do you like this recipe?
  32. That dress looks very bad.
  33. These puppies look very cute.
  34. I did not enjoy that movie.
  35. Do you know those vegetables are very healthy?
  36. Can you help me writing this?
  37. Mom, please buy these fruits.
  38. This shoe is too tight.
  39. I like this suit better than that one.

Answers: 1 – those, 2 – That, 3 – Those, these, 4 – That, 5 – This, 6 – This, that, 7 – those, 8 – those, 9 – this, 10 – These, 11 – These, 12 – these, 13 – these, 14 – Those, 15 – that, 16 – those, 17 – this, that, 18 – this, that, 19 – this, 20 – Those, 21 – That, 22 – These, 23 – That, 24 – Those, 25 – These, 26 – those, 27 – these, 28 – those, 29 – That, 30 – Those, 31 – this, 32 – That, 33 – These, 34 – that, 35 – those, 36 – this, 37 – these, 38 – This , 39 – this.

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