Self Introduction in Army Interview

Sample 1:

Good afternoon Sir/Madam. My name is XYZ from Varanasi, UP and I am here today to attend this army interview. I am a recent college graduate in B. Sc from MKV University. No one in my family is in the Indian Army but I am passionate to join Army. My upbringing has been one that has instilled discipline and responsibility in me, which I firmly believe to be essential for success in the Army. I understand the importance of following orders and completing the mission. I am confident that the combination of my education and experiences in life has prepared me for the challenges that service in the Army will bring. I am strong both physically and mentally and successfully cleared all the physical tests. I am excited for the chance to add to the long history of excellence that makes the Indian Army one of the most respected organizations in the world. Thank you for your time.

Sample 2:

Good afternoon Sir/Madam. I’m Sohail Singh and I live in Jamshedpur. I’m a graduate in Commerce from Delhi University. I managed to secure 450 marks on the first attempt of the NDA exam. My father and my grandfather both are retired from the Indian Army. I follow them and want to be like them since childhood. In school, I was involved in scout activities. I’m a confident person with good physical health. I am a responsible person with quick decision-making qualities. Being in Army is not only my dream but it is in my genes. I think, just like my family, I would also make my country proud. That’s all about me, thank you.