Self Introduction for Freshers in College, Fresh Graduate, Diploma Students, Degree Students, etc

Here, we are presenting self introduction for freshers for different job interview. Freshers who are applying in college, IT company, BPO, marketing, TCS, nursing, etc can use these sample self introductions and prepare themselves for their interviews. So without wasting time, let’s start reading and get the better sample according to

Self Introduction For Freshers In College

Good morning/afternoon everyone. My name is Ali Khan. I am a fresher at this college. I belong to Thane, Mumbai and completed my initial studies there. My father, Mr. Zafar Khan is a businessman. My mother, Mrs. Heena Khan is a housewife. I am 21 and the eldest among 4 siblings. I love playing hockey and was a state-level goaltender during my school. I’m passionate about space and aircraft. I’m eager to gain some knowledge and make friends along the way. I look forward to developing my knowledge base in this field of study. I’m also interested in developing my skills in the area of leadership. I believe that with hard work, research, and by paying attention, anyone can make a difference. I’m a friendly, open-minded person who loves to have conversations about anything, from the latest technological innovation to just general conversations. And I’m excited to be a part of this college and to start my journey to gain more knowledge and skills. Thank you.