Paragraph on Water

Water is a natural resource that covered most parts of the earth. Water is one of the factors for life on earth. It is an odourless, shapeless substance reflecting neutral pH value. For a better understanding of the readers we have prepared some important paragraphs on water, kindly go through it.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Water

Paragraph 1 – 100 Word

Water is a natural substance of our nature. It has no defined shape, it has no specific odour and it is an inorganic compound. Water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen. As a chemical bond water is represented as H2O.

The hydrosphere is an irreplaceable part of the environment and it represents water bodies and the portion of earth covered by water. The percentage of water on earth is more than the area covered by land. Oceans, Rivers, Streams and various water reservoirs covered large parts of earth naturally. Water is the basis of life on earth. It is one of the basic needs of the human body like food.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Water is essential for survival on earth. It is the gift of nature to all living beings; it covers 71% of the earth. But, only a small portion of it i.e. 3% is usable for life dwelling on the earth. In Hindu mythology water is counted as one of the elements of nature. It is worshipped equivalent to god.

We can’t imagine life without water. The portion of water that is available for humans and other living creatures is invaluable. Drinking water needs purity; there are various natural streams and other water bodies naturally providing water for drinking.

In the growing world of Science and Technology, there are various beneficial techniques are established for providing us with good quality of water. Various purifying methods are applied for providing us with pure water.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Water is precious, water is as important as oxygen. Water is the base of various industries. Water is the base of farming. The food we eat is ploughed and sowed by water. The importance of water can be understood in terms of the water crisis. If a region is facing drought, it is considered as one of the unfortunate events for the place.

The economic and financial conditions of the region will be severely affected. But the excessive rain is also a problem for the people, animals and even for farmers, industrialists. Water is said as a boon but sometimes it considered a bane.

It is important to know the value of this precious resource. Industrial water is polluting the quality of water bodies. It is not feasible to impure the quality of water for selfish use. Water pollution is a worldwide issue. Nature is blessed us all with a divine element called water. It is important to protect the quality of water.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Water is a basic need for humans and other living organisms. An average human body contains 60% of the water of their total weight. Various animals like elephant contain 90% of the water of their total weight. Fruits, vegetables and various natural edibles contain water in a good amount.

For good health and glowing skin always it is recommended that to have water. Water is a remedy for various skin diseases. The human body needs water and cutting down of water can give serious health issues. Kidney stones are a major health issue caused by the less consumption of water. Water has healing power.

The rivers, streams around forests are for creatures living over there. Cities are established on the bank of rivers. However, the quality of water of streams and for household use is degrading day by day. Being progressive is good, but it is necessary to not to disturb natural streams, rivers, and other water resources. Ocean water is not for drinking purpose but it is the main source of Salt.

Rainwater is also good for drinking purpose. Rainwater harvesting is also very common. But, due to the increasing pollution level, Rainwater is also affected. This is the main reason behind “Acid Rain”.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Water is invaluable. In Middle Eastern countries and even some areas in India water crisis is one of the major problems. Very less amount of water is available for drinking purpose. Water pollution not only degraded the quality of water but it also lower down the water level available on the surface of the earth.

Last year in Delhi, some areas were seriously affected by the down level of the water. The growing population is also one of the factors behind the water crisis. Many NGOs are working on water preservation. The question is why there is a need for such campaigns? How come the selfishness crossed all the levels? If there is very little water available for survival on earth. Then why not we all maintain the quality of it? Not only for humans but the same amount of water is for all terrestrial animals.

Last year there is a picture gone viral on the Internet depicting the water crisis in Sudan. A tiger was looking for water in the barren land. Emotionally we can connect. But as an individual, we all have to protect our environment from losing this precious resource. No Water, No Life; Yes this statement is true. Water is the basis of life. We all are depended upon the water.

Some habits like closing taps after use, using buckets for washing our vehicles, etc. can be counted as steps towards water preservation. Awareness of saving water should be among all citizens. Water represents the scenic beauty of the earth in various forms. The Beauty of nature is also carved by water.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much freshwater does India have?

Ans. Of the world’s freshwater India has only 4%.

Q2. What are the diseases caused by contaminated water?

Ans. Diseases like Cholera, Hepatitis, Diarrhoea can be caused due to contaminated water.

Q3. Which states face water scarcity?

Ans. Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the states that face water scarcity in India.

Q4. When is world water day celebrated?

Ans. World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March.