Paragraph on Water Pollution

Water is vital to sustain life on Planet Earth. If there is no water to drink, man cannot survive. Animals and birds will also perish in the absence of water. All aquatic life forms too that live in water bodies will die if there is no water. Water pollution is caused by various man made activities, and it affects life adversely. When water is polluted it becomes unfit for human consumption. Consuming polluted water causes water-borne diseases in man. Water pollution has a deleterious effect on the Earth’s ecology and environment. Effort should, therefore, be made to prevent water pollution.

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Long and Short Paragraphs on Water Pollution

Water Pollution Paragraph - 100 Words

Water is a natural resource. It is nature’s bounty. Life on Earth is possible because of the presence of water. Humans need water to drink. We need water for other purposes too such as cooking and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Animals and birds too need water to drink. Aquatic creatures live in water bodies.

Water bodies get polluted when synthetics, chemicals, plastic and garbage are dumped into it from factories and households. Such water pollution affects life adversely. Contaminated water is unfit for consumption. The creatures that live in water bodies can also perish. Water pollution should, therefore, be prevented.

Water Pollution Paragraph - 150 Words

Water pollution is a problem faced by countries around the world. When water bodies are polluted by man with various pollutants, the water becomes unusable for man and other animals, and the water body itself may get choked up.

Water pollution is caused due to various activities of man. When all sorts of refuse and garbage are discarded into water bodies, they get heavily polluted. Industrial and domestic garbage are both responsible for polluting our water bodies. Lakes, rivers, streams, seas and oceans are all water bodies on Planet Earth. As a result of water pollution, aquatic creatures that inhabit the water bodies also face the threat of survival.

As water pollution is a crisis caused by the indiscriminate and callous activities of man, it can be stopped if people are made aware of the dangers of water pollution and the importance of keeping our water bodies clean and pure.

Water Pollution Paragraph - 200 Words

Water pollution is a large scale problem in the world today. Water bodies whether they are lakes, rivers, seas or oceans are being polluted due to various activities of man. Industrial wastes and effluents are emptied into water bodies indiscriminately. These wastes may include synthetics and chemicals that are non-biodegradable. Domestic garbage is also dumped into water bodies.

Sometimes water pollution is also caused by accidents such as the capsizing of ships that carry liquid fuels. Such fuels pose a threat to the marine creatures that inhabit the water bodies. The pollution of water bodies is an environmental concern. Polluted water is unfit to be consumed by man and other animals and birds. Many life forms need water to drink to stay alive, and if water is contaminated the life forms can die. All marine creatures are exposed to the pollution in the water bodies where they live. This also causes the creatures to perish. Plants also need water to live and grow.

Water pollution must be prevented. If we lose our water bodies to various causes of pollution, life on Earth will be threatened. Through public awareness and legislation, human activities that lead to water pollution can be prevented.

Water Pollution Paragraph - 250 words

Life on Earth needs water for its survival. Man needs water for drinking and cooking, and for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Animals and birds also need water to drink. Marine creatures that live in water bodies cannot survive if they lose their habitats. All vegetation too depends on water for growing through the process of photosynthesis.
Water bodies provide the water that life forms need for their life. If water bodies are polluted, we lose water which is a precious natural resource.

Water bodies get polluted due to the indiscriminate disposing of waste into them by man. It includes both industrial and domestic garbage and waste. The solid wastes and effluents that are discarded into water bodies from factories pollute them severely. These wastes may be synthetics and chemicals that are non-biodegradable. Domestic garbage too is indiscriminately emptied into water bodies. This may include sewage water and all types of solid wastes. Plastic is also an important component of domestic and industrial waste that is also non-biodegradable. When all these wastes are discarded into water bodies, the water bodies get heavily polluted. Water pollution is also caused by oil spilled in the process of its transportation through waterways in containers on ships.

Water pollution can threaten life on Earth. Man must therefore try to protect the resource and not pollute it. By creating greater awareness in the people, water pollution can be stopped. Technology can also help in better waste disposal. Stronger legislation is also needed to prevent water pollution.

Water Pollution Paragraph - 300 Words

Water bodies are polluted due to various activities of man. Water pollution is an issue of concern around the world in modern times.

Water is Essential for Life

Water is vital to sustaining life on Earth. If water is polluted and unavailable for use, life on our planet will be threatened. Water pollution can also result in the choking up of water bodies. Lakes, rivers, seas and oceans are the different water bodies that may be threatened by pollution.

Water is needed by man and other terrestrial animals. Man uses water to satisfy his many varied needs. Man needs water to drink and to cook his food. Water is also needed by man for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Animals and birds too need water to drink. All aquatic creatures survive only in water bodies. If the water in their habitat is polluted their survival is endangered.

Water Pollution is a Threat to Life and should be Stopped

Various activities of man have contributed to polluting water. The effluents and wastes created due to various processes in factories are emptied directly into water bodies. These wastes may also be toxic in nature and pollute the water. Consuming such contaminated water can even be fatal. The wastes may be synthetics and chemicals that are non-biodegradable, and they remain in the water without getting degraded. Their effects therefore continue to stay in the water. Domestic garbage is also recklessly discarded into water bodies. Plastics are non-biodegradable and a serious cause of water pollution.

Pollution of water may leave water bodies unusable. In this way we may lose our water bodies that sustain life on our planet.

Water pollution needs our urgent attention so that we may have pure and unpolluted water. It is important that greater awareness be created about the dangers of water pollution. The people need to be sensitized to avoid activities that lead to water pollution.

Water Pollution Paragraph - 350 Words

Water pollution refers to the contamination of water bodies that destroys the purity of water.

Water Sustains Life on Earth

Water keeps life forms alive. If there is no water to drink man will perish. Similarly, other animals and birds too that need to drink water would die if there is no water. Man needs water for many other purposes. Water is used by man for cooking food. Man also uses water to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Water bodies are also habitats for aquatic life forms. If a water body is lost, many life forms that live in it would perish.

Water is also needed for vegetation on our planet. All plants and trees require water for the process of photosynthesis to occur in them.

Man’s Activities have Resulted in Water Pollution

Many activities of man contribute to polluting our water bodies whether they are lakes, streams, rivers, seas or oceans. When man indiscriminately dumps garbage, waste and refuse into water bodies there is large scale contamination of the water.

Countries around the world are experiencing severe water pollution due to the various activities of man. These activities have been carried on for several decades, and the issue of water pollution has, therefore, become grave.

Domestic and Industrial Waste Contributes to Water Pollution

Wastes of all sorts, both from factories and homes, are emptied into water bodies by people recklessly. These include both solid and liquid wastes.

Factories mostly discard the effluents and wastes that are generated due to the production processes into water bodies. These wastes may be highly toxic products and compounds, and make the water highly poisonous. The waste products may also be synthetic in nature, and non-biodegradable. The danger of non-biodegradable waste being thrown into water bodies is that these wastes do not get degraded even over a very long time. As a result, the toxicity of the water continues for long duration of time.

Garbage from homes, including biological and electronic waste, is also indiscriminately discarded into water bodies.
If we do not take urgent action to stop water pollution, we may lose our water bodies. The water may get so polluted that it is not usable, and life on earth will be severely threatened.

Water Pollution Paragraph - 400 Words

Water pollution is an issue of serious concern today. The world is grappling with the problem of polluted water bodies whether they are lakes, rivers, seas or oceans.

Water Pollution is caused by Man-Made Factors

There are many sources of water pollution, and they are almost always due to man-made factors. In today’s modern world of scientific and technological developments that have led to a revolution in the way we live life, there has been a adverse impact on our environment and natural resources. The earth and all its habitats have been affected. Water bodies have been impacted badly due to their pollution.

Water Pollution is caused by Industrial and Domestic Wastes

When pollutants of all sorts from homes and industries are discarded into water bodies they get polluted. Many different chemicals and synthetic products are indiscriminately emptied into water bodies from factories, as the production processes in factories result in many waste products. These may be poisonous products. When these are done away with from factories by simply letting them in to water bodies, the water gets highly contaminated. These synthetics and chemicals may be non-biodegradable.

As a result, they remain in the water bodies without getting decomposed or degraded, and their polluting effect continues to stay in the water for prolonged lengths of time. Domestic garbage is also a big cause of water pollution. Plastics, for instance, are discarded in huge quantities by people from their homes and offices in garbage. Plastic is both toxic and non-biodegradable. Huge quantities of plastic waste reaches water bodies. Biodegradable products also pollute water bodies as they may leave the water unfit for consumption by humans as also animals and birds.

Water Pollution can be Prevented

Water is central to life on Earth. If water is polluted or if water bodies get choked up due to pollution, life on the planet will be threatened. Humans and animals that need water to drink would perish. Man also needs water for his cooking. Without water and food the human race cannot exist.

Besides, water bodies are the habitats for marine creatures. When water bodies are polluted, these creatures would lose their homes and parish.

Water pollution can be avoided if the people are sensitized to the issue. Factories must find ways to discard their wastes. Likewise, we need to take small steps at our home to segregate the garbage. More than legislation, it is awareness in the people that can control water pollution. By keeping our water bodies unpolluted we can sustain life on Earth.

---By N. Kalyani

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