Paragraph on Tiger

Though we often see tigers on TVs and in our mobiles, very few of us know much about them. They are also known as bog cats. We have created some paragraphs on ‘Tigers’. All of them contain information on tiger, like their family, importance, nature, etc. You should read all of these paragraphs and choose one or more which meet your need. Also, they will help you in creating your ‘essay on tiger’.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Tiger

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Tiger is a wild animal. It usually lives in the dark and dense forests. It is the national animal of India. A tiger has thick yellow skin with dark black stripes on the whole body. Interestingly, every tiger has a unique pattern of black stripes on his skin like the finger-prints of humans. Tiger is well known for its amazing energy, speed, and stamina.

We can see them at the Zoo. Killing the tigers is completely prohibited in India. It is one of the most ruthless wild animals in the World which, unfortunately, has now become an endangered animal.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Tiger is one of the most dangerous wild animals. It has more variety than Lion or Panther.  All the varieties of the tiger are called subspecies. Some famous subspecies of tiger are Bengal Tiger, Siberian Tiger, and South China Tiger, etc. All these have their unique qualities and abilities. All the tigers are mainly carnivorous.

The Bengal Tiger has the largest population among all the subspecies of Tiger. The Royal Bengal Tiger is another name of the Bengal Tiger. The Siberian Tiger is strong and powerful. It does not like to contact with the human. South China Tiger is a small tiger. Most of the species of tiger are on the verge of extinction. They need to be protected.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Tiger belongs to the family of cats. It is a wild animal, and we can see it either in the forest or in a Zoo. An average tiger is about 4 meters long with a weight of 600 pounds. IT has a life span of about 15 years, but it can live for 25 years when held in captivity. The tiger is an Asian animal, and its origin in Africa is just a myth. Some Asian Tigers, like South Chinese Tiger, had migrated to Africa very early.

The tiger stays active during the day as well as at the night. It is an excellent swimmer, and it bathes every day to stay cool. The word ‘Tigress’ denotes the female tiger, while the word ‘Cub’ is an indication of a young tiger. The tiger lives within a large territory, and it marks its territory by spraying urine on the trees.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

The tiger is a very fierce animal. Usually, a tiger lives in the dense forests, but sometimes they enter villages and other residential places in search of food. It happens only because of extensive deforestation. It was April 1973 when the Government of India declared Bengal Tiger the national animal of India. It was also the time when the Government took an important step for the conservation of the tiger. The Government of India launched the project tiger to ensure their safety and production.

About 23 tiger reserves are available to protect tigers and provide them with a natural environment across the country. The killing of tigers is prohibited in the country because their number is declining rapidly. Unfortunately, the three species of tigers have extinct till the date, however, the number of tigers has surprisingly increased in India.

Although the tiger is a predator, the human is also the predator of the tiger. It is a mammal, and people hunt a tiger for his skin and bones. The Sunderban Forest contains the largest population of tiger in India. The female tiger (tigress) has a gestation period of 95 to 115 days and gives birth to 2 to 3 cubs at a time.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

The tiger has always been an essential and integrated part of biodiversity. Their survival is very vital to sustain the natural cycle. It has found a place in many cultures and traditions because of its strength, capabilities, and courage. The tigers are a part of many religious practices across the world, especially in Japan, China, and India. The tiger is an imposing spiritual character in these countries.

Tiger is one of the 12 zodiac signs in China. Many Chinese martial art moves use the hunting tactics of Tiger. The Chinese Constellation has four symbols out of which, the tiger is one. In some parts of China and also of Korea, the tiger portrays the ‘King of the Mountain’. The people of China worship the tiger as the god of war and call him the ‘Vaghdeva’.

The tiger is a character to worship in Indian culture because of its magnificence, power, beauty, and fierceness. In India, Bengal is the place where the tiger has the highest cultural value. The Bengal tiger has originated in the Bengal state of India. In Hindu religion, the tiger is the conveyance of the greatest Hindu goddess ‘Durga’.

The tiger resembles many countries like the Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India. Similarly, South Korea has declared Siberian Tiger the national animal. The national animal of Malaysia is Malayan Tiger. The extinction of the tiger is going rapidly in the world. Its absence in the ecosystem can bring a hazardous consequence for the human being.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the national animal of India?

Ans. Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India.

Q2. What is the scientific name of Tiger?

Ans. Panthera Tigris is the scientific name of Tiger.

Q3. How many tigers are there in India?

Ans. There are about 2900 tigers in India (as per 2020).

Q4. When is International Tiger day celebrated?

Ans. International Tiger Day is practiced on the 29th of July.