Paragraph on Noise Pollution

Pollution of any kind is always harmful to living and non-living beings. Noise Pollution is one of them. A few paragraphs with different word limits will clear this concept for you which we have provided below. Check them now.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Noise Pollution

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

It is sound through which we hear what others are saying. A balanced sound is pleasant and always good for our health. An unbalanced sound creates irritation for our ears. It causes many problems for human health. These unbalanced sounds together create Noise Pollution. The noise pollution is never safe for anyone.

Human activities are the largest source of noise pollution. Some natural phenomena like thunder, lightning, and earthquake also create noise pollution. The noise pollution by nature remains only for a very short period. The noise pollution mostly affects the health of humans and other living beings on earth.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

A sound is an energy that enables us to listen to others. The sound ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz is only audible to a human. The sounds beyond these limits are not suitable for humans. They create Noise Pollution and are always harmful to us. We should not neglect the damages made by noise pollution.

We measure the noise pollution in decibel (dB). The huge population, increasing traffic on roads and factories, etc are the sources of noise pollution. The noise pollution affects human life very seriously. It is also very harmful to nature and natural balance. It is the cause of the extinction of many species of birds and animals. It also affects the growth of plants.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

The noise pollution is very harmful to our health. It does not only create an unpleasant sound for our ears. It also weakens our efficiency internally. The noise pollution brings many serious diseases for humans. Some of these diseases are very harmful and incurable too. Their results are quite terrifying.

Many experiments on noise pollution have proved that it decreases the productivity of humans. It also affects the concentration ability, and people feel exhausted in a very short time. The noise pollution puts the worst effect on a pregnant woman. It may result in the abortion of the child.

Blood Pressure and deafness are another and most frequent effects of noise pollution. The deafness can be temporary or permanent. Even animals can’t bear noise pollution. They become irritated and lose control over their mind. Due to the noise pollution, the growth of plants and trees become slower than the usual.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

The noise pollution is one of the most dangerous things for our health. Noise pollution is equally harmful as are the other pollution like water, air, and soil. There are numerous sources of noise pollution in the world. Several of its sources are available in our houses.

We can control the noise pollution starting from our houses. The first thing we should do is to balance the volume of the Television and Sound system. A loud sound for a long time creates more damage. Also, we should limit the use of noise products like Mixer, Washing Machine and Vacuum Cleaner. There are basic and essential steps.

Although we can’t stop the use of motor vehicles, definitely we can limit its use. Unnecessary use of horns on the road is the greatest reason for outdoor noise pollution. We should blow horn only when needed. Our vehicles should also not make much noise on the road. Service them regularly.

The heavy industries should use machines with low sounds. A machine with modern technology is less likely to make any unnecessary sound. Also, factories should be far from human societies. These cares will surely help in reducing noise pollution with a great margin.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Noise pollution is a dangerous gift by the human to nature and self. The high levels of unwanted sound in the environment are the cause of noise pollution. It causes a lot of health disorders to humans, animals, and plants as well. To prevent this, we need to know the various reasons of Noise pollution.

Noise pollution is the result of global urbanization and industrialization. Urbanization brings more rush and traffic in the city and an enormous crowd of people. It increases the vehicle and their sounds causing noise pollution at a large level, and in every direction.

Industrialization introduces many new industries in the market. All of them contain heavy and noisy machines. These machines create noise pollution for a long time continuously. The effect of noise pollution through these machines covers a large area around the industry and affects a large number of populations.

The noise of military aircraft which fly at a very low altitude has also considerably added noise pollution to the environment. Although they create noise pollution for a very short time, the damage created by them lasts longer than others. Also, the noise of heavy vehicles like buses, trains, trucks, and airplanes put the same adverse effect on us.

The sounds of fire-crackers at festivals, marriages, and other celebrations are a major source of noise pollution. The sound of the generator, loud music and some noisy domestic tools like a vacuum cleaner, the mixer is also the source of noise pollution. We need to think about them.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the causes of Noise Pollution?

Ans. Noise pollution is caused by speakers, horns, crackers, etc creating loud noises.

Q2. What are the harmful effects of Noise pollution?

Ans. Noise pollution can lead to deafness, heart failure, and hearing aids.

Q3. What is the measuring unit of Sound?

Ans. Sound is measured in Decibels (dB).

Q4. Which Indian cities are considered to be noisy?

Ans. Mumbai and Delhi are considered to be very noisy.