Paragraph on My School

My school is the best school in the whole world. It’s like a little world in itself. It is a world full of learning and growth. It is a place to study and to have fun. There are love and care as well as safety in my school.

Short and Long Paragraphs on My School

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

My school is a place where I go to study. I like going to school. There are so many things I do in school. I study and make friends in school. I also play with them during recess. There is also a park in my school. Children eat their lunch and play in the park.

I like listening to teachers. I get to learn so many new things. Teachers at school are very caring and helpful. My school is like my second home. Sometimes, I wish I could stay longer in school. I have never missed my school without reason.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

My school has a big campus. It’s lined with beautiful trees. It’s so good to be in school. I have never ever felt homesick in school. It is also fun to be in school. I spend most of the time with friends. We discuss subjects and competitions. We make plans for any future events. We also discuss the classwork and homework the teacher has taught.

We also enjoy in school. I like the sports class every Saturday. Our sports teacher is very good. He is a good sportsman himself and has a good knowledge of sports. He has taught me to stay fit and healthy. I have decided that I will continue in the same school. I have made some really good friends here.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

My school is a place where I can go again and again without complaining. I could do so many things at school. Learn subjects, make new friends and play. Sometimes, I feel that school is a better place than at home. It has a big campus, with trees and a garden. It also has a well-leveled field for cricket and other sports. I recess we also play cricket for some time.

There is also a library in my school. We have one library period every other day. I like reading books in the library. Anyone can pick a book s/he likes and read quietly. I have read many interesting books in my school’s library. There are storybooks, science books and many more. My school is also very neat and clean. It is also very safe for children. No one can enter the school without permission. I love my school and I wish I could bring a good name to it.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

My school is the best school in town. It has a big and green campus. My school had been awarded for rainwater harvesting. Apart from studies, we are taught many other things at school. There is something very exciting about my school. It has never ever bored me out. It always has something in store for me. Be it classes, friends, events or anything else. My school also gives importance to sports.

We have complete playing sets of football, cricket, and badminton. We play sports in a one hour sports period. I have learned many things about sports. It feels so wonderful to be in a school like mine. It gives a whole new meaning to my being. It’s like, I stay at home but I live in the school. It is my center of learning.

Learning in my school is also fun. I like the science lab the most. It is well equipped with learned faculty. We also celebrate events at school. Every important festival is celebrated with fun. We also go on a picnic on holiday. Teachers and staff take good care of the children. All our problems are quickly solved by the management. I have great love and respect for my school.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

I love my school and it is the best. The classrooms are big and airy. Every class has enough space to seat fifty students. There is also a smart board in every class. It’s fun to learn through the smartboard. We have also watched hare and tortoise, lion and the mouse stories on smartboard. My school also awards good students. The principal speaks their names in assembly. We have a computers lab for every class.

Even UKG students are taught computer. We have learned and kind teachers. They care for the students and love them. My school also invites some important persons sometimes. We all get inspired by their visits. We learn so many things from them. It feels really good. I thank my school’s management for it.

My school is the best in terms of studies and non-course activities. It’s so much fun to be in school. My school prepares me for life. Apart from my studies, I learn so many things here. I learn good manners, behavior and table manners, etc. I made friends and learned the value of friendship. I always feel confident in school.

I just can’t imagine my life without school. It is a place where I love to go every day. Going there is not just for learning but also for fun. I have taken so much from my school. It has made my life more useful and valuable. I wish to bring a good name to my school by studying well and scoring high.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should we go to school?

Ans. We should go to school to learn, study and play.

Q2. Which was the first school in India?

Ans. St. George’s School was the first school in India.

Q3. What do school students do in the morning?

Ans. The school students do prayer in the morning.

Q4. Who is a class teacher?

Ans. The class teacher is the teacher who is in charge of a particular class.