Paragraph on Gratitude

Gratefulness is part of our character. Showing our positive side to other people is like collecting thousands of blessings. Gratitude is not only an expression but it has many positive impacts. One can include gratitude in their daily life and can get happiness out of it. We have created some of the paragraphs that explain so well about Gratitude and its importance. Kindly read it as per your need.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Gratitude

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Gratitude is a gesture that expresses gratefulness to others. Showing thankfulness towards others is manner. We always heard that always be polite to the person who helped you in your bad times. If we express gratefulness towards someone we feel happier.

Gratitude involves appreciation and thankfulness towards others. Gratitude is the way of expressing kindness towards others. Feeling grounded towards others is the reflection of one’s goodness. The word ‘Thank You’ expresses the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude can bring positivity to our surroundings. Being thankful for the things we have or we got from others is one of the best response ones can give.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

Gratitude is the best response one could give to others. It is one of the positive emotions that can bring smiles on faces. Gratitude is the best attitude we can express towards our friends, family, and even towards strangers. In our normal routine, we can show gratefulness towards those entire things we have. Like our food, clothes, accessories, and unconditional love from our loved ones.

Only saying thanks is not gratitude but feeling grateful towards others is the gesture of gratitude. Showing respect, kindness, and generous behavior is a way of expressing thankfulness towards others. It is one of the feelings that make a person great. In the fast-moving world, no one has time to interact personally, and taking others granted is also one of the negative gestures. These social distances can be filled by showing gratefulness.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Gratitude is a polite behavior we can show to others. There are many ways to show gratefulness to others:

Maintaining a Gratitude Journal: Keeping a journal for all those things that you are thankful for and those things that are the source of positivity in your life is the best way to express.

Appreciation: Appreciating others is a way to express your gratefulness towards others. Appreciating the smallest efforts of people is a way of thanking others.

Honor your Past: It can sound strange but expressing the thankfulness towards your past is also a positive gesture. Think like that the challenges you faced in your past is your strength now. Due to all those challenges you are stronger to bear more challenges.

Expressing your Feelings: Expressing the feelings towards your loved ones is a way of showing gratitude. Putting small Thank You Notes, gifting others, etc. are some ways to express you.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Gratitude is the best attitude one could feel towards others. It implies that thanking others for their role in your life is the task that can fill positivity in you. Gratitude is the mantra of staying happy. Gratitude can change our lives as it has good impacts on our mental health. Psychologically it has proved that gratitude is a practice for mental well-being. Counting blessings for the small things of life is a beautiful way of thanking others.

Always be optimistic towards life and be expressive towards the people who are with you in your good and bad times both. Let it go the bad times and feel free to express your feelings towards others. Saying thank you is not that hard one could think.

Make a habit of practicing gratitude, it can sound strange but it’s true. Feeling grateful towards the life you have, feeling grateful towards your parents that have blessed you with many things in your life, etc are some of the ways you can include in your life. People often complain that they are always neglected or ignored. There is no fault in the person but it’s a matter of timing.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Gratitude is a positive behavior one can feel towards others. Here I am sharing a short inspirational story that revolves around Gratitude and its importance in pour life:

Once upon a time, there was a crow. One day he was roaming around in Jungle, suddenly he saw a white swan in the nearby pond. Crow felt that the swan is the most beautiful bird and he felt that why he is so dull. He went towards the swan and asked him how he is so beautiful? Swan replied politely I also feel the same as you, have you ever seen a parrot? Crow replied yes I have seen him, and then swan said I think he is the most beautiful creature. Crow flew towards the parrot and asked the same question.

Parrot’s answer shocked the little crow. He said that whenever I saw a peacock I think that how he is so beautiful? Why do people always want to take pictures with him, what the special about his feathers? Crow was not satisfied yet he went to the peacock and repeated his same query. Peacock said firmly, Hey crow probably my feathers attract people but I am the saddest creature. I don’t have the opportunity like you to fly freely and roam around. Crow suddenly felt that beauty is just a parameter and he should be thankful to have a life to fly anywhere without any interruption.

Always be thankful for the things you have and never be disappointed in the things actually you have. Nature has provided ample opportunities to be thankful.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why we should be grateful?

Ans. We should be grateful as everything teaches us something in life.

Q2. What are some gestures of gratitude?

Ans. By saying thank you we can show a gesture of gratitude.

Q3. When is world gratitude day celebrated?

Ans. World Gratitude day is celebrated on 21 September.

Q4. How can gratitude affect other people?

Ans. By showing gratitude people will become happy and gentle to you.