Paragraph on Discipline

A discipline is an act of imposing order and rules for a definite objective. Sometimes, one imposes self-discipline as an act of regulating one’s own conduct.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Discipline

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words

Discipline is a way of teaching people to obey a given set of rules and regulations. The main motive of discipline is to prevent people from doing acts of disobedience and negligence. Discipline is very important in the academic, personal and professional life of humans. It improves concentration and efficiency in students and working professionals.

Disciplined children tend to be more devoted to studies and act more responsibly. Discipline infuses confidence and makes one respected and listened to. Discipline could regulate the behavior of both humans and animals. It makes them more sensible, responsible and accountable towards their own conduct.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words

A discipline is an act of teaching people or self to obey rules and regulations suitable for a particular goal or objective. Routine acts in a timely manner can also be considered as a discipline. Waking up early every morning is an act of discipline; not speaking while eating is an act of discipline and never missing your classes is also an act of discipline.

Discipline keeps a person in control and makes him/her more goals oriented and progressive. Moreover, a disciplined person can handle critical situations in a composed manner. He/she never disobey his/her elders and always behave in a polite manner. Discipline shapes the future of an individual. It makes life easy and brings success and respect from all the quarters.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words

Discipline is obeying a set of rules and regulations with a specific objective in mind. Discipline is a must in student life. A student without discipline can never be successful in his/her academics. With discipline comes responsibility and with responsibility comes efforts.

A well planned and disciplined effort is what makes a student compete and excel. Discipline is the most important requirement for making success in life. One must follow discipline in life and in everyday activities. It is the discipline that is responsible for the order in the world we see today. People patiently waiting for their turn at a doctor’s clinic is an act of discipline.

Likewise, people patiently waiting in a long queue at banks is also an act of discipline; passengers of an aircraft are not allowed to carry banned items is also an example of discipline imposed to bring order. Without discipline, there would be chaos and mismanagement all around.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words

Discipline means following certain rules and norms. Humans live in a society and society needs to be disciplined to maintain law and order. Everyone has to follow the declared rules and regulations to maintain peace and harmony. This very act of following a set of rules for a specific purpose is called discipline.

It is very essential in every walk of life and for everyone. Students, professionals, homemakers all should live a disciplined life to succeed in their respective fields. One should develop the habit of practicing discipline right from an early age. With discipline, one can get progressive and successful.

Without discipline, it would be difficult to make plans and act upon them. An undisciplined person has the potential but lacks the concentration to work. For example, a disciplined student never misses lectures and studies regularly; on the other hand, an undisciplined student is not attentive during lectures and picks up the book only days before the examination.

It isn’t difficult to guess that the disciplined student will perform well in academics. Likewise, discipline is also important in professional life as well. A disciplined employee will always be appreciated by the employer and make success in his/her career.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words

Discipline is very essential in life. Without discipline, there would be mismanagement all around. Just imagine what will happen if people refuse to obey rules and regulations. Students won’t go to school, even if they did, the classrooms will be too noisy for teaching.

Imagine, people, jumping traffic signals and riding callously on roads. What if the policemen we all trust upon in need, refuse to listen to our vows? Wouldn’t it be scary? The society functions in an ordered manner because it has practiced discipline since time immemorial.

It knows very well that discipline forms the foundation of an ordered and progressive society. A society without discipline is like an unguided missile. It may have the potential but didn’t know which way to proceed.

Not only the society but the happiness and peace in a family also depend on the discipline of its members. It is the conduct of the family members wherein lies the happiness and prosperity of the house. Just imagine everyone in the house acting on his/her own will, without caring for others. What if the man in the house refused to work? Would he be able to earn and sustain the family?

What if the mother refused to wake up early and cook food? Wouldn’t she leave the family hungry and vulnerable? What if the kids refuse to listen to their parents? Won’t it jeopardize their safety and well-being? Discipline is necessary for everyone, whether he/she is young, middle-aged, or old. It makes your life convenient for yourself as well as for others.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why discipline is important?

Ans. Discipline can help us concentrate and perform our works.

Q2. How can we be disciplined?

Ans. We can be disciplined by making a good routine.

Q3. What is the difference between maturity and discipline?

Ans. Discipline can lead to maturity.

Q4. List some acts of discipline?

Ans. Waking up at the time, having food at the time, completing works on time are some acts of discipline.