Self Introduction for Job Interview for Ph.D. Scholars

Sample 1

Hello Sir/Mam. I am Chetan Raj from Dispur. I have completed my bachelor’s in Science at XYZ College. Then I appeared for my Master in Chemistry at Cambridge University. When I was getting my master’s degree, I worked as a tutor for first-year students. I quickly learned that I like helping others learn. I have a strong passion for learning and am constantly looking for new ways to broaden my knowledge and skills. I want to keep studying and get a Ph.D. so I can become a lecturer and hopefully, a professor one day. I am a highly motivated and hard-working individual. I am eager to continue my research and apply my knowledge to help solve real-world problems. That’s all about me. Thank you

Sample 2

Good Morning Sir/Madam. It’s an honor to have an opportunity for this interview. I am Prateek Sahu, a 29 year old and I am from Pune. I am a graduate of science from Mewaar Institute. My major is human geography & my research field is regional planning. I completed my master’s in 2019 from Awadh University. During my school, I devoted most of my time to studying & practice to acquire the fundamentals of my major. I published multiple thesis in professional journals. Additionally, I attended research courses under the instruction of (instructor name). I believe that I am a good researcher & an extremely honest person. That’s it. Thank you for your time.