Self Introduction for Java Developer Fresher

Hello, my name is Marie. I am 23 years old young and highly active enthusiast, recently graduated from VBSPU. I am a motivated, organized and friendly individual with a passion for coding and software development. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a focus on software development, and I am determined to make an impact in the tech industry with my skills and knowledge. I have been exposed to various programming languages such as Java, Python, C++ and have a strong background in software engineering and design. For my final year project I designed and developed a simple chatbot application using Java, and during the course of my degree I learned the importance of good coding practices and design principles. I feel that I have the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful Java Developer and I am confident that I can make a positive contribution to your team. I look forward to being a part of your team and striving for success. Thank You for considering me for this job role.