Self Introduction for Freshers in TCS Interview

Self Introduction for Freshers Job Interview in TCS

Sample 1

Good Morning Sir/ Madam. My name is Jyotasna Jindal and I am from Chennai. I am a recent graduate from MakhalLal Chaudhary College. I have a degree in IT and I am currently looking for a job in the IT industry. I have a strong knowledge of programming languages, software development, and database administration. I am passionate and motivated to learn, and I am comfortable working both independently and in teams. I am excited to join TCS and am eager to share my skills and knowledge. I believe my creativity, software development skills, and problem solving abilities can be a major asset to the team. I look forward to contributing my skills and working together to accomplish the growth of the company. Thank You.

Sample 2

Hello Ma’am, a very good morning. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful opportunity today. I am Rajesh Vasishtha from Pune. I am a fresher & just recently received my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Pune University. Because it has always been a goal of mine to work with TCS, I cannot express how thrilled I am to finally be able to participate in one of their interviews. I have a strong interest in technology and am ready to put my technical expertise to use in order to contribute original ideas to an industry that is always evolving. I believe that I can contribute to the team’s success by bringing my experience working with modern software and bringing new perspectives to the table. My work ethic is quite strong, and I am very good at managing my time well. In addition, I am a team player who is always prepared to collaborate with my other teammates and ensure that tasks are finished on schedule. Will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Sample 3

Good morning Sir/Madam. I am Priyank Dubey, and I am from Bangalore. I have done B.E. in IT branch from XYZ College, and I would like to pursue my career as a fresher in your company. I’m good at learning new things, have a good attitude, and am dedicated to my work. My weakness is that I am a little bit selfish. I like to create video games and play them in my free time. I am good at various programming languages including C, C++, and Java. I have also done 1 year of internship at ABC Technologies. With my technical skills, I am confident that I could be a good choice for TCS. Additionally, I have exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills that have been developed through my courses and internships. I want to work for one of Asia’s biggest software company which is TCS so I can grow along with it. Thank you for your valuable time.

Sample 4

Hello everyone, my name is Priti Jha, and I am from Ranchi. I have completed my Bachelor’s in Engineering from RGTP University and secured 96%. My schooling was from DPS and I scored 87% in 10th and 89% in 12th. With the good knowledge of programming languages, I have done 6 months of internship in C++ language from Fidato Technologies. My father is a Police inspector posted in Ranchi and my mother is a housewife. We are two siblings. My elder sister is a dentist. My hobbies are painting, dancing, singing, and cooking. TCS is a top IT company in India and around the world. I want to work for Asia’s biggest software company so I can grow along with it. I am confident that my knowledge and enthusiasm can make a real difference in the success of TCS. Thank you for your time.

Sample 5

Good Morning Sir/Madam. I am Shruti Namdeo. I am from Maharashtra but currently living in Pune.  I have done graduation in Science from LNT Institute. Moving to my family, we are four members in our family. My father works at the post office and my mother is a teacher. My sister study in class 11th. We all live together in Pune. I like to listen to music and read books for fun. When I was in college I was on the team that ran the debate union and cultural activities. I like organizing events. My strengths are being able to talk to people and not giving up. My weakness is that I get a little frustrated if the work I’ve been given isn’t done before the deadline. That’s all about me and my family. Thank you.