Self Introduction for Freshers in Phd

Hello Sir/ Madam. This is Meena Mehra. I am a 26-year old scholar, born and bought up in Faridabad. I’m a freshly graduated PhD student from XYZ University. I have a PhD in ABC Field, and I specialized my research in (Particular Research Topic). I’m a highly organized and analytical individual, with a deep interest in the area of research of my field. After completing my masters I joined a school as a teacher for 3 years, where I gained a lot of experiences. I have excellent communication, writing, and presentation skills. I have a clear understanding of the scientific method and its application for scientific research and development. Aside from my research experience, I also have teaching experience and I’m very knowledgeable on the topics I specialize in. I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities of a career in research and academia. That’s all about me. Thank You.