Self Introduction for Freshers in GNM Nursing

Hello Everyone, Good morning. My name is Sourabh Dwivedi and I am from Nasik. I am here today to apply for the GNM Nursing position. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and have been practicing for three years in both a clinical and community setting. I hold a valid Registered Nurse License, along with experience in medical-surgical, critical care and pediatric nursing. I am confident I possess the necessary skills and qualifications to fulfill the role of GNM nurse. My commitment to excellence and passion for providing compassionate care to those in need fuels me to work hard and be a valuable asset to the organization. I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, enabling me to build working relationships with all stakeholders involved. I am familiar with WACHS Policies and procedures and strive to uphold them at all times. That is all about me. Thank you.